Apps or Browser: Which is Better?

Apps or Browser

For our smartphones and tablets, there are now apps for virtually anything. From games and jokes to productivity tools and planners that aim to make out life easier, there is an app for everything.

But, the question is, is that app better than what you can get by using the browser inside your phone. In many cases, the app is stuck between different developments and isn’t as good on all platforms. Even experienced developers are having issues porting their content to a system that they are not intimately familiar with.

On the browser, everyone can have the same experience. This experience is not always better than the app, but it won’t matter if you are using an older phone, older version of the OS, or some obscure system that doesn’t have support from Google or Apple.

Gatekeeping is Influencing the Market

Experienced app developers will tell you that every app can be multiple times better, and even better optimized. But, because both Apple and Google want to keep their relative hold on the app market, it is hard to develop something outside of the current specs.

And, while Google is more open on this issue and allows a wider range of solutions, even they have guidelines if you want your app to stay on the market.

Finally, most companies and dev teams will comply. It is better for your app to be changed so to fit the standards, than not to be on the App Market or Google Play at all. Huawei users are finding that out the hard way.


This aspect really depends on the work you are planning to do.

In most cases, such as planners and scheduling, it is better to use an app that can give you what you want with just a few taps. There is also the bonus of push notifications that will remind you what you need to do.

But, when it comes to advanced programs, such as databases or security, it is much better to use a secure browser through a VPN and have the same program for everyone. Unless you can have an ‘in-house’ app that will work on company-issues devices, using the browser will be superior.


This is a place where apps take a complete and utter victory, without a doubt.

Because banks are forced to develop secured apps for their banking, and always have a dedicated server that will be protected and monitored, it will always be easier to use the bank’s app than to use your browser.

Additionally, any mistake that might happen when using the app will be resolved by the bank. This will not be the case if you are using the phone’s or tablet’s browser system.

Movies and Videos

For this aspect, it will depend on which movies and videos you want to watch. Regardless of what you choose, the result will be the same. Both your browser and apps can play Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime without any issue.

But, for those large platforms, using the app will usually be the better option. They will be easier to access and to look over. Additionally, you may get better resolutions on the device than the browser.

But, if you are looking to find obscure videos, especially some that might not be available in your region, you will need to use the browser. 


While, on average, apps will be better suited for playing games on your phone than doing the same from the browser, there are some very good exceptions to this rule.

Games like SuperHot and RuneScape are just some of the examples, as well as social games like eRepublik.

For games, it will always come down to your own preference for what you want to play. The app will use the resources of your device better, but that doesn’t mean that it will be more fun.


Although many things that go for gaming are the same when it comes to online gambling, security is a major issue.

It is very hard for gambling platforms to stay on the regular market, and you’ll often need to side-load them. But, this opens the door for unscrupulous operators peddling bad and malicious apps.

For games like slots and double-up, it is much safer to access through your browser. And, there is no difference in visuals whatsoever.

Security & Surveillance

Finally, when it comes to providing security, especially when it is about physical security, you will want to access your private server through the browser. This is mainly because you don’t want your app to be compromised and need to be able to cut anyone out of the system at your own discretion.

When it comes to IT security you might make your own app that will be hosted from a secure location. In this example that app will be superior to any browser access. But, if you can’t make your own, relying on those supplies by others may prove to be dangerous.

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