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Being a mother is a beautiful experience. Not only do you bring a new life into this world but you also get to feel a lot of positive emotions that come with having a baby. That said, motherhood is definitely not an easy role to have so it can get very stressful when your baby goes through any kind of pain and discomfort, such as teething.

Although many parents wait until their kids are toddlers, professional dental care should start by the time your child’s first tooth has erupted and no later than their first birthday. You probably won’t notice it, but time will fly by you so fast. The next thing you know is you’re looking for an excellent orthodontist to put braces on your 10-year old!

What is teething?

Teething is medically known as odontiasis which means “cutting of the teeth”. Teething happens when babies experience the eruption of those first set of teeth that can cause them irritation that can lead to drooling, gum rubbing, and even sleeplessness.

Teething may sound so simple at first but there are actually 5 stages:

Stage 1 (0-6 months)

Babies are born with a full set of 20 teeth that are still beneath their gums. These teeth are usually called “milk teeth” or deciduous teeth, that later on fall off and get replaced by permanent teeth. At this stage, there are no tooth eruptions yet.

Stage 2 (6 months)

You may have noticed that your baby will like chewing on toys, clothes, or even hands. You may notice some signs of discomfort before you even get to the 6th month such as fussing around and drooling. The best way to check is by feeling if there are bumps on your baby’s gums.

Stage 3 (10-14 months)

This is the stage of the primary molars! You will see teeth growing from the upper and lower jaws. This stage is not unlike stage 2 but with more drooling and more irritability. You should not be surprised if your baby gets a slight fever or even loses his appetite— at times some babies even experience diarrhea. This stage is characterized by loss of sleep for parents, mainly because your baby doesn’t sleep much as well.

If the pain is too unbearable for your baby, it would be best to go to his physician to know which treatment option to get the best over-the-counter medicine or teething remedies such as teething gels. Never give any aspirin or pain medication to your baby unless prescribed by the doctor.

Stage 4 (16-22 months)

Not a very tough stage as you’ve already gotten used to what your baby needs while he’s teething. At this point, your baby will be growing his canine teeth which are beside the incisor teeth. Your main objective is to give what your baby needs to be as comfortable as possible so that they don’t lose too much sleep and too much weight due to the lack of appetite.

Stage 5 (25-33 months)

You might think it’s over by stage 4 but stage 5 can be the toughest part of teething—molars! These teeth are the largest and can be the most painful stage for your baby. Things that you might be doing from stage 1 to 4 might not work as well for him anymore. A good remedy can be teething gels and tougher vegetables like carrots. Please be careful when feeding your baby to avoid choking.

Teething Gels

The go-to remedy of moms, natural teething gels help your baby get through the pains of teething better than babies that don’t use it. If you’ve been on the hunt for the best teething gel to use for your baby, then you’re looking at the right place. Lots of moms have been raving about the Astons & Parsons Teething Gel and for a good reason— it can be used as early as 3 months and is all-natural!

Most physicians don’t recommend teething gels because of their sugar and alcohol content but this gel is different from your regular teething gel. The Astons & Parsons Teething gel is sugar-free, lactose-free, and alcohol-free. It is made from natural ingredients to soothe the pain your baby may feel during the teething stages.

What makes it unique is the massage applicator which makes it easier to apply and gives your baby’s gums a soothing massage when applying the gel. What moms love about this gel is that it’s so affordable. For all the benefits and natural pain relief, it gives your baby— it is definitely worth the buy.

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