7 Dangerous Driving Habits And How To Change Them

Driving is a responsibility that can mean life or death for you or anyone else on the road. If you break the rules of driving, you might face a traffic ticket. You also face something much worse, like permanently injuring or killing yourself and an innocent stranger.

The habits of bad drivers are well-documented by the folks who share your common road, and you can benefit mightily by breaking all of these bad habits that often lead to accidents.

1. Smartphone Drivers

If you’ve ever seen someone text or take pictures with their smartphone while driving a car, you know how scary it is. This common practice leads to untold damages on the road and loss of life. This isn’t funny. It’s not legal in many areas. And it’s absolutely one of the most deadly driving habits seen by a traffic law firm Brisbane. Put down that phone! If you simply must use your texting and voice apps while driving, get a hands-free device that allows you to safely use them.

2. Drinking and Driving

Having a few beers responsibly, off the road, is no biggie. Down a bottle of whiskey if you want to. Once you’ve had that drink, though, avoid getting on the road. Plan your drinking outings and get a designated driver or cab instead of driving. Not only is drinking and driving dangerous, but it’s also illegal!

3. Sleepy Driving

People are often overworked, and this dangerous driving habit just makes sense. Billions of people probably get behind the wheel of a car when they’re tired. Learn your limits. Depending on how tired you are, driving sleepy is about as dangerous as driving while mildly intoxicated. If you know you’re going to have to drive exhausted, get a quick nap in before you get behind the wheel or call a cab if you simply can’t avoid going somewhere when you’re about to fall over from sleep.

4. Angry Driving

If you’ve been in a huge fight with your significant other, sometimes you want to cool off, and that makes a lot of sense at first. It doesn’t make sense in the context of a lengthy drive, though. That lengthy angry drive can cost someone their life or livelihood because of an injury you cause. Angry drivers make mistakes. Skip the drive and consider going for a walk instead.

5. Speeding

You’re late for work. Your family member or friend is in the hospital and needs you quickly. You’re just an impatient person who needs to get from point A to point B. It’ Your reasoning makes good sense until you look at the consequences of speeding. If you need to get somewhere, abide by the speeding laws of your area. You’re going to make everyone on the road safer by doing so.

6. Road Rage

Driving in certain traffic conditions can be maddening, and we all get that. Anyone who’s ever been on the road has been stuck in a traffic jam or faced an inconsiderate driver who simply did something that didn’t make any logical sense. It’s easy to lose your temper or just want to lose it, but remember that road rage causes accidents.

It’s dangerous enough to drive while emotional, but rage is one of those emotions that simply doesn’t mix with driving something as deadly and heavy as a car. Learn coping strategies for infuriating road conditions, and even get counseling if you need to in order to get this under control. Rage while driving will hurt or even kill you and others.

7. Disobeying Traffic Laws

Road signs are there for a very explicit reason. If you disobey signs and violate the rules of the road, you’re increasing your chances of getting into an accident. Sometimes it’s just more convenient to ignore the signs you see, but there’s nothing convenient about ignoring traffic laws and causing an accident. Take a deep breath, pay better attention to the roads, and never, ever disobey a traffic sign.

Following these few simple rules will inevitably save you and someone else on the road years of grief or even untimely death. Take these rules seriously.

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