10 Most Creative Car Designs [The Complete Guide]

It seems as if cars in today’s world are getting cooler and cooler by the minute. Many futuristic concept cars created by the major car producers are slightly more realistic and replicable than the artsy add-ons to existing models. Without further ado, let’s explore some of the coolest actual car designs in the world.

1. The Lexus LF-LC Concept Hybrid

Pleasantly photographed in front of the Sydney Opera House and oozing with luxuriously modern exterior accents, The Lexus LF-LC Concept Hybrid is one of the most creative cars which still seems within the realm of normal. It boasts swooping hood indentures, a huge front grille, extremely thin side-view mirrors, protruding wheel wells which surround the wheels and immediately curve back inward, front and side air scoops to keep the car grounded, a chrome dual exhaust system with triangular body indentures pointing up the center of the rear, and a pair of tri-beam halogen LED lights in the front.

The car is presented in a sparkling royal blue meant to imbue the dazzling opals found in the Outback, whilst sporting an impressive 500 horsepower. Let’s pray that we can see a release of this model from Lexus sometime in the near future!

2. The BMW ZX6

Shaped like the letter Z and housing insanely cool swooping suicide doors, the future ZX6 design is truly out of this world. Displayed in a pearly white color, this ZX6 has an unprecedented full-length glass window from the very front to the very back of the vehicle! Its wheels are covered by body material and also painted pearly white in order to enhance its appearance and airflow, and it has an arched stance similar to the yogic “cat pose”.

From an aerial perspective the ZX6 takes on an hourglass shape with pointed rear fenders resembling the Adam West Batmobile of old, and its rear brake lights extend nearly half of the length of the entire car. 

3. The MAG Magnetic Vehicle

Recipient of the 2007 “Unseen Technology Award”, the MAG Magnetic Vehicle was designed by Slovakian resident Matúš Procháczka and actually has not one, but two technologies built into it. An electric engine with the same polarity as the magnetic road which it is proposed to drive on, the MAG vehicle is similar in body to the currently road-legal Campagna T-Rex tricycle. A trike itself, the MAG is different in that it has no wheel spokes.

The rear “wheel” is actually two wheels side-by-side, and the tires seem to be made of rubber. Though it is a very cool design, it would require roads to be embedded with magnets below the concrete: something which may come at a high cost.

4. The RD 3 Wheel

Though the RD 3 Wheel is another Peugeot design, as well as another “cat pose” design, it is extremely cool in its own right. The RD 3 is like a friendlier, curvier, white-painted version of the modern Batman: the Dark Knight Batmobile. It’s a tricycle which has a motor to either extend or retract its third wheel, thereby having the ability to totally change the length of the vehicle altogether!

It has humongous wheels with thin-slit well panels on top, it is a single passenger vehicle with cockpit-style housing, a retractable hood lever for entry and exit through the roof of the vehicle and many more cool features. 

5. The Driverless Aurrigo

The driverless Aurrigo by Jaguar Land Rover is an autonomous vehicle which can be ordered on your smartphone just like an Uber can. It sports a curved box-shape look which is not nearly as attractive as our previously mentioned designs, yet have the advantage of fitting four passengers. The seats are both front and rear-facing, and Jaguar Land Rover have created their own version which has weird eyeballs on the front. It looks about two meters tall by one meter in width. 


Unlike the Aurrigo, the VITREOUS is a slightly more modern box design which is creative unto itself (not unlike Scrubs Car Detailing Brisbane). Black in color, the design has no eyeballs and has adjustable seats which fold down and allow passengers to sit however they like. A nearly 100% glass enclosure gives passengers an up-close and personal experience with the roads around them, and the vehicle is laden with cool thin LED lights all around the perimeter. 

7. The Audi AI: ME

The Audio AI: ME is like a “third living area” built on E-Tron technology. Still retaining a lot of the combination of jagged lines and curved features which are present in many modern vehicles, the AI: ME is very well designed. It runs on a five-spoke flat rim design and its exterior is shaped sort of like a rabbit, but without the tail or the ears.

The interior has a comfortable lounge area in lieu of traditional seats, its front seats are more cockpit-like in design (similar to a race car or gaming chair seat), and elegant LED and wood trim extends throughout the cabin. With ultra-modern wood panels extending throughout the roof, it’s no wonder that the AI: ME made out a list. 

8. The BMW Vision iNEXT

The BMW Vision iNEXT is similar to the AI: ME, yet more of an SUV in stature. It has suede headrests which fold down, a race car-shaped steering wheel design with LED lights surrounding the inside, and has a nearly meter-long touch-screen control panel on the dash. Designed with a glass roof which runs almost the entire length of the vehicle, the Vision iNEXT actually has a flat front grille that extends into narrow-slit LED headlamps and a diamond-pattern grille. The wheel rims are also flat in order to improve the airflow, and it is featured in pleasant gold color. 

9. The eRinGo

Again straight out of a Jurassic Park movie, the eRinGo is another creative gyroscopic design. Depending on the steepness of the curves which the vehicle, shown in green, is undertaking, the eRinGo can switch from a wheel car to a tricycle automatically. It seats two and has thin-tread tires which protrude from the cabin. Its panels are home to the electric motors which operate the vehicle and it also has some very creative circular LED patterns on the front for indicating braking, headlamps and lane changes.

The eRinGo has been dubbed a “three-ringed circus” that is meant for a fun time out with friends on the town. In other words, certainly a world of difference from the 500-horsepower LF-LC. 

10. The Envisage

Envisage is a uniquely creative quad-wheel design which almost resembles a grasshopper in both shape and color. It has a dual-cockpit console which is actually connected at the hip and is covered by a photovoltaic hexagonal-shaped roof to produce energy from the sun whilst driving. The most unique aspect of this creative design is the electroactive polymer layers that allow its shape to transform in order to suit each user’s exact shaping needs!

In-wheel motors are run on Lithium-Ion batteries, making this vehicle a zero-carbon-emission vehicle. Interior controls include GPS, navigation and music player.

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