6 Ways to Manage Anxiety in Pregnancy

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Anticipating motherhood is a joyful and exciting experience but sometimes can be scary. When you think about all the things that will change when the baby arrives, you are likely to feel nervous. Also, your physique needs to get used to the emotional and physical fluctuations that come with pregnancy.

In the process, you might become apprehensive, and that is normal. Understand that you aren’t alone. Almost every new mom has been where you are. Even if you have strong emotional support, sometimes it might feel like you are alone. Here are suggestions to manage anxiety while expecting.

1. Entertain positive communication

Whenever you are doubtful, don’t shy away from talking about it. Those worries that creep into your head when preparing for the birth of your baby can be crushing. Talk to a trusted partner, friend, or a professional about your thoughts and reasons for feeling anxious.

Whether they have been mothers or not, they might offer insightful tips on how you can manage the stress. Identify where the anxiety and feelings of sadness are originating from.

If you aren’t comfortable talking to someone physically, write down the thoughts, and practice mindfulness. The critical thing is to know you aren’t the first mom to feel stuck, and eventually, it will get better.

2. Prioritize self-care and sleep

Now that you are sharing your body with the baby, there is no doubt that you are mostly exhausted. Pregnancy also comes with many changes, and getting enough sleep is challenging. Rest doesn’t come easily, which means that you should focus on self-care efforts. Ensure that your room is dark, and has limited noise.

Lower the temperature in your room and turn off the fan if the conditions are extreme. Lack of sleep affects the body, and you might experience increased anxiety. If you maintain a regular sleep pattern, you are less likely to suffer from anxiety.  

3. Practice using a realistic-looking baby doll

A reborn doll is a toy that has been crafted to look like a human newborn child. If you are anxious about motherhood, practicing with realistic babies will help ease the tension. There are all types of dolls, from Caucasian to African-American and Indian.

Therefore, you can get one that resembles you so that the experience seems real. You can bath and dress up the reborn doll. Besides preparing you for parenthood, the toys are a source of comfort; thus they can help to beat loneliness.

4. Practice meditation daily

Meditation has been employed as a conventional means of treatment for several years. It helps in reducing stress and living in the moment. Previously, people thought of it as a practice that was reserved for monks and people who believe in spirituality.

Now the tides have changed and more people are appreciating the benefits of meditation. It has soothing effects that can help control anxious thoughts. The major component of the practice is to manage your breath. To do this, you should concentrate on your body and allow it to run its natural course of rhythmic breathing.

5. Focus on positive thoughts

Anxiety may make your mind run several thoughts at once, most of which are harmful. The best way to quiet your mind is to think positively. For instance, if you are worried that your work may not allow sufficient time to care for the baby, start by creating a list of the things you need to so. Consider each task at a time and find ways of slotting it into your busy schedule.

Above everything else, allow yourself to enjoy your pregnancy. There are tons of happy moments that you should appreciate. Train your brain to think positively. You can also consider taking up behavioral therapy to shift your attention to happy things.

6. Work out to release endorphins

You probably know that endorphins are the chemicals that make us happy. If you are feeling anxious, exercising is an excellent way of managing stress. The right exercises for you, depending on your trimester. You will require the input of a doctor to guide you on what to do and at what time.

Join an exercise group or request a friend to walk around the park with you. Listen to your favorite podcast or songs during your run to encourage you. While at it, make sure that you don’t overstrain your body.

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