10 Signs that show your child is not comfortable with Maths


While it is common to see children struggle with the subject of numbers: Math, but, at the same time, there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to the reasons. There’s a reason why 24% of students said they hate Maths and 30% said that they were indifferent towards it.

I believe that even if your child is struggling with Math if you discover that early in his life, you can fix the crack. it can be via personal tutoring or counseling sessions or if you have the desired time, even you can guide your child with the necessary solutions.

All of this is only possible when you diagnose the problem. Thus, I have listed a few signs that will help you identify whether or not your child is struggling with Math.

1. Not keeping up with peers

This is one of the most basic signs you will notice if your child is struggling with the subject. For instance, if all his classmates are doing multiplication and division at ease, he too should be able to do the same, without any bit of extra effort. If he is unable to do it, you know he needs extra attention.

2. Difficulty recalling concepts

Concepts are the basis of middle-grade maths. So, it is natural any child who is not struggling with the subject will easily recall the concepts, no matter how long before it is taught. If your child is facing difficulty in that, it’s a red flag!

3. Cannot grasp advance topics

As the child grows, his subjects advance in terms of difficulty. If your child is weak in Math, he will face major difficulty in understanding advanced topics and concepts.

4. Time management is an issue

You might find this irrelevant in terms of the subject, but this point can also be a major indicator. Trouble managing time also include inaccuracy in reading clocks, following schedules and judging the increments of time.

5. Difficulty in establishing relations

You see, all the various concepts of math are interrelated, and an ideal child must be able to establish relations between them. If he is struggling to do so and is not able to make connections between math families, it’s a sign.

6. Mental math is not his ball game

As the child grows, he shifts from finger calculations to mental calculations. However, if your child still finds it difficult to figure out the solutions in his/her head and needs his fingers, understand that he/she is not keeping up.

7. Cannot apply concepts in the real world

The primary reason why all the middle grade math online tutors and parents stress on Math is because of widespread existence beyond our books, i.e., the real world. The idea is to apply such math concepts to real-life problems, and if your child is finding it difficult to do so, he is struggling with math.

8. Giving up easily

It is not always that each of you will find the answer at the first attempt, but this does not mean you shouldn’t try the second time. If one approach is not working out, they need to keep trying with different approaches. If that is not happening and your child is giving up too soon, he doesn’t like the subject and is struggling to cope up with it.

9. The scores are too low

This is one of the most common indicators when it comes to identifying whether your child is or is not struggling with the subject. Your child can be average or even weak in all the subjects, but if his mathematics grades are way lower than that of his other subjects, it is certainly not by chance.

10. Panic during Maths class

The days when math classes and tuitions are scheduled, you will notice your child getting anxious. His overwhelming nature can turn into frustration very quickly. He/she might even cry, make excuses for not attending the classes and more. Often these students are those who develop a certain disliking towards the subject, thus trying to escape it by any means.

Let me tell you, there’s nothing wrong if your child is struggling with the subject. This doesn’t make him less capable than his peers. You just need to take the necessary steps and give special attention to your child.

If you think the time and attention demanded is too much, you can also consider seeking help from a tutor. They are professionally capable of teaching advanced topics to your child, with the help of easy tricks. 

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