The World’s First Champagne Gun Is The Super Soaker Of Your Dreams

Being rich sounds awesome, but it also comes with a shrouded dark side that’s rarely discussed in public.

While your wealthy acquaintances may look like they’re the happiest people in town, inside they are harboring a deep pain that stems from running out of cool new sh*t to buy.

World’s First Champagne Gun

After all, life is about stuff… and bragging about that stuff. If you’ve already shown your friends your mansions, luxury jets and islands, you’re pretty much screwed.

However, every now and then a new item is invented that lets you relive that same incredible feeling of being better than everyone else — if only for a moment.

The Champagne Gun by French company Extra-Night is that product.

All you need to do is attach a bottle of bubbly to the apparatus and you’re good to go.

Think of it as a super soaker that gets you sticky and stains your carpet. Available in gold, rose and silver, the machine-gun style devices spray golden showers between 16 and 23 feet for up to 45 seconds at a time.

If you’re feeling thirsty, the gear also lets you pour a glass of sparkling wine just by pulling a trigger.

U.S. distributor Jeremy Touitou hopes “local clubs will want to use them in their VIP sections or perhaps just as decoration behind the bar.”

The Champagne Gun can be yours for the very reasonable price of just $459.

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