Tips to Keep in Mind so You Are Never Locked Out of Your House Again

Locked Out of Your House Again

Haven’t we all faced the moments when we are racing out, and we close the door behind us only to immediately realize that we have forgotten to carry our keys with us? Your moment of lack of focus is now going to cost you time and money. You will have to replace the doorknob and hire a locksmith to remove the old one and install the new one. 

It might be dangerous if you were unexpectedly locked out when cooking- if you do not react quickly, it can lead to an accident.  The following are tips that will make sure you avoid locking yourself outside your home again.

1. Use Keyless Door Knob

The easiest way to get locked outside is by bolting the doorknob from inside and leaving with no keys. Using a keyless doorknob can be the mildest solution to dealing with such a problem. You will have to lock the door using a key. This way, you cannot forget your keys as you will need them to make sure your door is always locked.

Using a keyless door knob might compromise the security of your home. To make sure this does not happen, you can also use deadbolts on the same door. This way, you will avoid being locked out of your home while still ensuring its security.

2. Give a Key to a Neighbor or a Close by Relative

Do you have a neighbor you trust? Or do you live near a trustworthy relative? Such individuals can act as your lockbox. Leaving your spare keys with a neighbor or relative is one of the best ways to ensure you have an option when you lock your keys inside your home or lose them. Keep in mind that this will only work if you know and trust the person. 

Your neighbor having your spare key can also be helpful in situations where you have a leaking gas or running water- they can pop in and deal with the issue saving you from disaster. You can also break the locks or cut the keys to easily get out of the room as prices are cheap like key cutting Dublin prices. This can work for you quickly & easily!

3. Use a Hidden Lock Box

You might prefer to hide your house keys outside your home. This way, if you ever get locked out, the keys will be easily accessible for you to get back in. It might seem like a good option until burglars effortlessly gain access to your home. Statistics indicate that most burglaries involve no forced entry, these criminals try to predict where you will hide your keys, once they get it- they quickly enter your home. 

Rather than hiding your keys outside your home, you can use a lockbox for keeping your house keys. Make sure every member of your family has the combination. This way, there will always be an available key at all times. If you are still locked out of your home, you should check out this for more information that could help. Although some people prefer to keep their lockbox in the open, it would be essential to acknowledge that a hidden lockbox is way safer than one that is in the open. A lockbox will ensure you have an available key and also make sure no intruder can access your house keys.

4. Use Smart Locks

If you are willing to spend an extra penny or two in your quest to ensure you find a lasting solution to your lock problems, then you might need to install a smart lock. 

Using a smart lock, you can unlock your door using other methods without necessarily depending on the use of keys. There are several types of smart locks you can choose to use. Some popular ones include keypad sequence locks, eye-scanning locks, and fingerprint locks.

Study your daily routine, and decide which type of lock best satisfies your needs and ensure it is of the highest quality and guarantees your security. Installing a smart lock will eliminate the use of a key while still keeping your house safe at all times.

Even though it might be expensive to purchase a smart lock, the benefits are there for all to see. If you consider the amount of money you will spend every time you hire a locksmith, buying a smart lock might actually be a cheaper option.

If you decide to use a smart lock, make sure to check the battery charge regularly to avoid being caught unawares. If the lock has no battery, you will have to use your keys which is what you were trying to avoid in the first place. Buy a lock that blinks when the battery is low to remind you to timely charge it.

Final Thoughts

The time and money spent when you lock yourself outside your home is something you can avoid with the proper system and planning. The tips above are meant to educate you on ways you can avoid locking yourself outside your house. They vary from using keyless doorknobs to using smart locks. Read the information above to determine which solution can work for you.

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