This Might Be The Reason You’re Failing At Online Dating

Swipe right all you want, but it won’t guarantee a date if your opening line reads:

“Hey how wasyoure weeknd what yuo up to later”

That’s because displaying poor spelling and grammar was discovered to be the top reason online daters aren’t into someone messaging them.

Zoosk surveyed 9,000 online daters and found that the vast majority of users assume that when someone sends poorly worded messages during an initial conversation, that person is either too busy or too lazy to actually care about having a conversation. We’re talking 72% of online daters, here…

This means a whopping 72% of the people you are messaging require you to take the full 30 seconds it takes to type out a message — instead of sloppily taking 10 seconds to sort of say something — in order to snag a date with them. And I suppose you can get bent out of shape over this discovery, but if you don’t care to take a few extra moments when carrying on a conversation, then no one you’re messaging should be expected to, either.

The survey also found that 93% of online daters were more fond of when someone adds a period to the end of a sentence. Again, this may seem minor, but if you actually care about meeting someone online, then perhaps take note.

U r not cute wen u send a messages like this

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