Shane Dawson addresses racist skits, pedophilia jokes- ‘Blackface was something I did a lot’

Shane Lee Law who is professionally famous as Shane Dawson is an American YouTuber, writer, actor, and comedian. Although he has won several awards and nominations in his life, he has equally been involved in controversies. 

Throughout his career, he has been criticized for his racial comments which he considered as a comic means to people. His usage of a word like ‘blackface’ casually in his several old skits was criticized and mocked over by several other YouTubers and bloggers. This made him apologize later calling it a ‘learning experience’. 

In 2018 again he was the main subject of controversy regarding his statement he had made for a pedophile in one of his old podcasts. He created a child molester character video, which included sexualizing Willow Smith when she was just 11. 

Regarding this, Jaden tweeted and criticized Dawson a lot. The same controversy aired back in May of 2019 where he had made some wrong statement in the same podcast. All of this was farthest from being funny and wasn’t entertaining at all. 

In June 2020 all his controversies resurfaced in response to which Shane Dawson made a video and titled it as ‘Taking Accountability‘. 

It was a 20-minute long video where he apologized for speaking various offensive words and language in his YouTube channel since the time he had been on this platform. 

He said that every apology video he has made in his life was just an excuse and was done in fear.

32-year-old Dawson confessed about using offensive words and said ‘Blackface was something I did a lot’. In his video, he explained that he made all these videos and neglected to go to therapy which should be his priority rather than putting this content on his Channel. He also apologized to James whom he had called ‘egocentric’ just a week before. He further said that it is totally upon the people to forgive him or not for his past mistakes. 

The comments on his video are a mixture of both positive and negative responses. Some stated that he should be punished for using offensive language in his videos while others were surprised to see him confessing for these mistakes. 

As an action against his past statements, Youtube suspended monetization on all three of his YouTube channels. Not just this, Dawson’s two published books are also in the process of being removed from the market.

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