The Real Reason Olivia Wilde Wasn’t Cast In Wolf Of Wall Street Is Quite Disturbing

As we continue to progress as a society (or regress, if we’re talking about Trump supporters), many are beginning to lash out against the unfair double-standards that women face in their day-to-day lives. Women in the entertainment industry are all too familiar with these injustices, and recently, issues such as major differences in pay (we’re talking millions of dollars less for the same projects, even when a woman has the lead role) and unfair casting methods have been brought to the whole world’s attention.

Actresses are speaking up more and more about the challenges they face, whether those challenges have to do with financial disputes or ridiculous and impossible-to-attain-without-surgery beauty standards. Of course, once an actress does speak up about said financial discrepancies or does get plastic surgery, she is then thrown to the wolves AKA tabloids that rip her to pieces.

Actress Olivia Wilde recently went on the Howard Stern Show, and she chose to share with the show’s listeners the real reason why casting directors passed on her for the role of Leo DiCaprio’s character’s wife. Now-25-year-old Margot Robbie was the actress ultimately chosen. 


It turns out, Wilde was originally told she was “too sophisticated” for the role. She thought to herself, “Oh, that sounds nice,” and then later was informed that the word directors actually used was “old.” Well, she’s nine years younger than Leo, but I suppose in Hollywood years, that actually makes her decades older.

She did, however, make sure to let it be known she is not even slightly bitter about how it all played out, and she respected Margot Robbie’s portrayal of the character, saying Robbie “crushed” it.

Wilde also expressed how grateful she is that she wasn’t cast, because she ended up getting her “dream role,” as a result.

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