How to Attract the Best Talent as a Small Company?

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Whether you’re a big or small business, recruitment is a tough game. 

Particularly nowadays, employees hold all the cards, which means that there is fierce competition to recruit the very best out there. 

For the purposes of today, we’re going to focus on smaller companies. Naturally, the challenges are slightly tougher, as they can’t lure candidates in with those high salaries that their bigger competitors can. 

As such, if you are looking to hire the best talent but don’t have huge budgets, here are some other options to make the difference.

The rise of flexible working

It might be flexible hours or remote working (and we all know how that has gone over recent years).

Either way, if you’re not looking into these options, you’re immediately behind the competition. Sure, some industries just aren’t suited to it, but you need to do your utmost to implement it into your benefits package.

After all, we’re seeing some candidates suggest that they’d prefer to take a pay cut than head to the office every day – so that tells its own story.

Offer perks that money can’t buy

It might be company cars and fancy offices for some, but for others, it will be free food, extra holidays, and the ability to bring their dog to work

Think about what would make a difference to your team and see if there’s any way you can make it happen. It doesn’t have to be huge – even something like a fridge full of healthy snacks can make all the difference.

Get involved in the community

Another method is to get involved in the community. This might be local charity work or something as simple as sponsoring a local sports team.

Whatever it is, it will show that you’re a company with values and willing to give something back. This is the kind of thing that attracts people who want to work for a company making a difference. We hear a lot about companies striving to do their best with initiatives such as net-zero. Still, whether it is community or sustainability – it is all about recruits looking for companies with strong values.

Become the company that gives opportunities

If you’re a small company, there’s a good chance that you’re not going to have the same opportunities as a bigger company. 

However, you can focus on becoming the company that gives opportunities. This might be through training and development programs or offering internships and work experience placements. 

Whatever it is, it will show that you’re a company willing to invest in people and that you’re interested in helping them develop their careers. Highlight internal promotion case studies – and show that even though the high salary isn’t there immediately, recruits can have a fulfilling role that allows them to climb the career ladder quicker than at other firms.

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