How Technology and Social Activities Can Prevent Alzheimer

Prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s is indeed a menace in today‘s society as more and more people are getting the condition. There is a high demand for systems that facilitate the prevention of such a condition. Over the years, many prevention measures have been developed. Some have been successful while others have not.

When talking about the successful ones, you cannot skip past social activities. The use of technology is also known as one of the successful methods of preventing Alzheimer’s. As a way of creating awareness of these forms of prevention, we are going to look at them deeply.

Social Activities

1. Family and Friends Gatherings

When family members and friends come together, they usually talk a lot. Basically, people socialize. Socialization and the brain’s functioning go hand in hand as it is the brain that is in charge of speech and many other related functions of the body. A lot of research has been done on the relationship between socializing and the prevention of Alzheimer’s. Many of them have indicated that maintaining strong connections helps a person stay mentally active.

When a person is mentally active, the chances of the cognitive decline occurring is meager, even if he/she is becoming older. When there is no decline in your cognitive functions, there are very high chances you cannot get Alzheimer’s. Basically, social interactions help in strengthening the nerve cells, which keeps the brain active and thereby preventing Alzheimer’s.

2. Brain Games

When people come together in an informal setting, they are bound to have some fun. One of the ways that people have fun is through games. Although many may not know, this is an Alzheimer’s prevention mechanism. Some Alzheimer’s prevention games include; Sudoku and puzzles.

Engaging in such games helps in stimulating the brain’s functions, making one’s memory improve significantly. Boosting one’s memory skills removes any plaque in the brain. All of these factors play a vital role in warding off Alzheimer’s.

3. Joining a book Club

Alzheimer’s is known to take advantage of a person when he/she is in isolation. That is why social activities like joining a book club are integral in reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s. Here is why, first and foremost, when one is a book club, he/she needs to talk to people and interact. This is great for the cognitive function and overall functioning of the brain.

Another reason is that at a book club, people are reading and discussing vital issues, and that means the person is not isolated. The combined power of reading and interacting keeps the brain sharp and prevents one from getting Alzheimer’s.


1. Alzheimer Care Software

There have been many improvements in the medical scene as a result of technology. Since the prevention of diseases is also part of the medical world, it too has not been left out. Let us bring the focus closer to Alzheimer’s.

Numerous programs help in the prevention of this particular condition, and one of them is StoriiCare. StoriiCare is an adult day care software that helps you plan your activities to reduce your chances of getting Alzheimer’s.

With tools, you get to enjoy a lot of impressive features that will help you on your journey. One of these features is the activity calendar builder and manager. With this feature, you get to customize activity calendars and record participation in certain activities.

Another great feature is support and guidance. With this, you get support videos and help articles. You even get a chance to chat with the firm/s support team to guide you through everything.


Social activities are great tools for preventing Alzheimer’s. Through talking to people during family gatherings, one can easily avoid getting the disease. Playing games like Sudoku with family and friends sharpens the brain.

With a sharp brain that is always alert, therefore is no way somebody will get Alzheimer’s. We cannot ignore the fact that technology also plays a critical part in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Through care programs like StoriiCare, the prevention of Alzheimer’s has been made a lot easier.

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