Google Wallet vs Paypal- Which is better and why?

If you have ever been stuck in the outside world, cashless or without a wallet, then you know how heavenly it feels to know that you always have a wallet in your phone to your rescue.

E-Wallets have been the craze for a long time now, and for good reason. It is extremely easy to receive and transfer money, even in the absence of tangible cash. With the advent of this idea. Came so many competitive E-wallets that it does get hard for consumers like you and me to pick the one that’s best for daily use.

Google wallet vs Paypal

PayPal and Google Pay are both extremely popular and excellent choices, and while it is more fun to play Sophie’s Choice and just pick one at random on how you feel about it, we suggest that you get updated with the facts.

PayPal has a very simple user interface and it’s quite convenient to set up. You can use the unique feature of links to just enter the amount of money you wish to pay to your friends and voila! The money will be paid.

However, if you don’t connect your PayPal to your bank account, it can prove to be more expensive than Google Pay, because it charges you 2.9% each time you transfer funds from your debit or credit cars and you also need to give a concession of 30 cents.

Google Wallet does not charge anything extra if you use debit or credit cards and even if you complete bank transfers. It offers a lesser limit on the number of funds you can send, guaranteed it is only one cent less than what PayPal so graciously allows.

The interesting thing about Google Wallet is that it efficiently integrates itself with other Google services and is a fast process you can either use the app, email addresses or click on a flashy dollar sign in the Google toolbar.


Whichever you choose, we’re just happy to know E-Wallets exist to save us from embarrassments in a fancy restaurant when we realize that our klutz selves have forgotten the wallet at home!

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