Donald Trump Jr. Tests Positive for COVID-19

No one is immune to the Coronavirus – not even the president and his inner circle.

Last week it was reported that Donald Trump Jr., 42, tested positive for the infection. He was reportedly asymptomatic and was self-confining.

Kimberly  Guilfoyle, Donald Jr.’s girlfriend, tested positive for COVID-19 around the beginning of July at a presidential function. At that point, Donald Trump Jr. tested negative for the infection. He self-isolated as a precautionary measure and opted out of a number of campaign functions.

Trump’s Inner Circle Hit Hard by Coronavirus

Trump Sr. had tested positive for the virus on the first of October. After one day, he was helicoptered to the widely-acclaimed Walter Reed Clinical Center. Trump’s positive test presaged a flare-up of the illness at the White House, among both family and staff.

Additionally testing positive were Melania and Barron Trump, previous presidential counselor Kellyanne Conway, and several other staffers.

Trump Jr. has persistently maintained. that the pandemic’s seriousness has been overstated. He disclosed to Fox News on Oct. 30 that passings from the illness were “basically nothing”. Those comments came a week after in excess of 5,600 individuals in the U.S. fatally succumbed to the Coronavirus.

U.S. Leads the World in Coronavirus Fatalities

As indicated in the information provided by Johns Hopkins College, the U.S. loss of life currently stands at 250,000 – driving the world in Covid fatalities. Clinical and health specialists caution that the number is likely to rise.

Donald Trump Jr. also echoes his father’s declarations that drug makers deferred the announcement of immunization test results until after the presidential election.

Ironically, Donald Trump Sr. now professes to be “immune” to COVID 19 – which killed over 8,000 in the U.S. last week – a disease with which his own son has now been diagnosed.

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