Are you sure you are following the Right Diet Plan?

diet plan

When it comes to losing off those extra pounds or to fit in that pair of jeans, it all comes down to one thing – food. Whatever the reason be, eating what is right is extremely important, not just to look good but also to incorporate a healthier lifestyle and feel good. Exactly when the concept of diet pops up in our heads.

But we need to understand that not any diet will give us results. For example, it can help you instantly lose weight but in the long run, it might hamper your immunity.

Plus, with a wrong diet, post the diet-phase, there’s a high possibility that you gain weight more than you lost. That is not right. So today, we will talk about 5 things that will help you reckon whether or not you are following the right diet plan.

1. You are alone

You see, our food choices are definitely affected by the people around us, which are, our friends and family. However, when you decide to follow a strict diet, your members won’t accompany but that doesn’t mean they will not be around during your meals.

Long story short, a bad diet plan can be reckoned if you cannot dine with our friends and family. A diet plan doesn’t restrict you so much that it chokes you. In fact, an ideal diet plan is evenly distributed with cheat meals and hardcore workout days. Thus, make sure your diet is not too restrictive for your lifestyle.

2. You aren’t exercising often

If you have been a fitness enthusiast, you must have heard of the 70-30 rule: that is your body is 70% diet and only 30% exercise. Thus, if a diet tells you that you don’t need to work out, well as harsh as it may sound: IT IS LYING!

We all know how exercise can enable weight loss at a faster rate. But that’s not it. It also gives you strong bones, strong immunity, improved cardiovascular health, improved lung function, and a dozen other benefits. A diet plan must never be repellent to your physical exercises.

3. You are hungry, most of the time

Let me break the most widely believed myth today: You do NOT need to eat less or stay hungry to lose weight. You need to eat right. If your diet plan keeps you hungry for the most part of your day, meaning either there are either very few calories or is filled with calories that are easily absorbed by your body, which is not right.

You might lose weight quickly or instantly, but understand it is not right for your body and you will not be able to stick to it for long. In fact, once you are off the diet, you are more likely to gain more weight than before.

4. It is JUST about weight loss

There are various tricks to adopt a healthy lifestyle and weight-loss is just one of them. There is so much more to consider: the vitamin content of your body, the health of your organs and so much more.

Thus, your diet plan must not only stress on weight loss and must address all the health aspects to keep you healthy, including factors like cholesterol, blood pressure, sugar levels and more.

5. It is not compatible with your lifestyle

Most of the above-mentioned point has already covered this but considering its importance, it also deserves a standalone mention. It is simple, how will you stick around a diet plan if it is not compatible with your lifestyle. When you don’t enjoy a certain thing, long-term success is very difficult in that genre.

Once you incorporate a diet plan, you are in it for life. It doesn’t need to be rigid but certainly needs to define a set of Dos and Don’ts that you can follow. For example, if someone was a nonvegetarian, meat-eating person for 30 years of their life, it is impossible for them to switch to a vegan or vegetarian diet plan, no matter how beneficial it is.

Similarly, a diet plan for you must be recommended according to your daily food habits as the central aspect, then only it will prove to be feasible.

Lastly, let me conclude with a pro-tip that is, there’s no wrong or right diet plan. We all are different, and have different lifestyles and thus thrive on different diets. You may have noticed that there are some very popular but dangerous diets that people follow blindly.

Do not make a mistake of following a diet plan because it worked on someone else. Consult a nutritionist or dietician and get one made especially for yourself.

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