5 Basic Online Slot Tips [Best & Updated Guide]

Online Slot Tips

Playing slot machines is extremely easy. Actually, among the other casino games, they are the easiest ones you can find. All you need to do is logging into your favorite casino, choose your favorite game, spin the reels and wait for a winning combo to come out. Super easy.

Although they don’t need any special skills, there are still some tips that can help you while playing slots. Of course, managing your budget may help but this is not the only suggestion we can give to you. Read this article to find out about the 5 basic online slot tips you can use at Star Slots. 

Study the slot features 

Even if slots are not very hard to understand, their symbols vary from one to another. Especially when you play at slots with many reels and pay lines, you need to familiarise yourself with the icons and bonus symbols first. This will help you recognize them (and take advantage of them) while playing. 

Try out the demo versions 

The demos are the free versions of a game. Many casinos give you the possibility to try their games for free before betting real money. Use them to find the slot you are better at. Try different machines, play with their symbols and discover their features. 

Make the most of bonuses 

One of the most exciting aspects of playing online is the rewarding nature of online casinos. Full of bonus icons and stages, not only the slots you find online are extremely fun, but also the casino offers. Just think that as soon as you subscribe, you can get a rewarding welcome bonus which can make you even double your winnings.

To get your bonus, you need to deposit some money first. Some casinos incentivize you to play for free. You won’t need to make any deposit and you can still get some extra spins or money only by subscribing to that website.

Then, choose the offer that suits you more. Spend some time reading some reviews and the different casinos wagering policy. 

Look at the RTP 

Two important criteria to consider when choosing online slots are their RTP% and volatility. The first one is intended as the percentage of winnings expected from a game within a specific timeframe. Volatility is the frequency a slot pays you. It can be low, medium and high. Low volatility machines are those that pay you more frequent but less money.

Conversely, high volatility refers to games that pay you rarely but with a bigger amount of money. Then, it comes by itself that if you have a limited budget, you should bet on machines with low volatility.  You will play longer and safer. 

Bet on as many pay lines as possible 

If you have chosen a slot machine with many pay lines, use them. If you bet only on some of them, you are renouncing to many opportunities to win. Also, slots with more than 3 reels and many pay lines tend to be more expensive (thus, more rewarding). To get their special stages activated, you will need more money. Be sure to choose these machines only when you can afford them.

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