What To Do When Your Creativity is nowhere in Sight?

Have you ever had one of those days where you don’t seem to be in your zone? No matter how hard you try to focus the ideas don’t seem to flow and everything falls into an endless pit of meaninglessness. Not sure as to why some folks think that experiencing a creative block is a stigma – a sign of ‘dumbness.’ 

It’s a natural phenomenon that occurs as a sign – a sign that a brain has been drained to an excessive extent, and it needs a break. People should really consider getting less skeptical about a lack of creativity.

When you feel as though you’ve been trapped in a box and there’s nothing you can do to snap back into feeling creative again is the time when you need to start realizing your maximum capacity. We all are guilty of pushing ourselves to the limit under severe ‘peer pressure.’ But, wait for a second, what does ‘experiencing less creativity’ have anything to do with ‘being under peer pressure?’

Well, there’s no typical Math involved here, but people tend to have this bizarre mindset, where they feel offended when there’s a lack of creativity. They feel as though it’s the end of the world and if nothing creative occurs to them, they’ll probably get banished from society.

You don’t have to fret over a lack of creativity. Instead, you need to find the underlying cause of whatever is making you go through this. Before you do that, consider putting your cable TV service from Spectrum bundles to good use and watch some motivational documentaries to inspire yourself.

Although many experts believe that creativity reduces stress, sometimes things can happen the other way round. Whenever you feel that your creative juices are not flowing the way they usually do, then you must always use that time to get your mind into its zone again. Here are a few things that you can do in situations, where your creativity is nowhere in sight:

1. Don’t Get Worked-Up

When your creativity won’t show up, the first thing that you shouldn’t do is panic. It’s okay to feel stressed out because of things, but letting them take their toll on you is nonetheless a very oblivious choice.

2. Use Your Hobbies

The daily hustle and bustle of life, the deadlines and the distractions, all come together and pull us away from our hobbies. When you experience a bottleneck in your creativity, try to switch to doing something you like. You can sketch, play some music or better yet, you can whip up a batch of chunky banana muffins.

When you indulge yourself in an activity you love, it helps your mind let go of all the stress and you know what happens when your mind is not stressed, you ultimately feel more creative.

3. Hit the Pause Button

Sometimes, peace is in doing nothing. Whenever you feel like your work and stress are hindering your creativity, make sure to hit that pause button and take a break from everything. Do not get distracted by the so-called peer pressure because obviously it won’t do you any good.

4. Do What You Hate Doing

Sometimes, you find liberation in doing what you don’t want to do. We all are guilty of setting aside ‘that one task’ that is either too difficult or boring to do. Time passes and that task ends up turning into a nightmare, instead. Now because you can’t get it out of your head, you keep thinking of how great your life would’ve been if ‘that one task’ didn’t exist.

Therefore, if you want to get rid of your distraction, then finish that long-due task and pull yourself out of the misery.

5. Join Forces with Others

Finally, find motivation by collaborating with your fellows. At the time when your own creativity seems to be MIA, the best solution is to find it in others. Go to your friend’s house – a smart friend in a situation like this, would be a plus – plan something that you people can do together and get to work.

And one more thing, instead of intervening and breaking the flow, try to act like a sidekick for your friend. Let your ‘assisting’ skills shine because you never know, you might end up finding your creativity again amid this.

All Things Concluded

Creativity comes from within and if your ‘within’ refuses to send out those creative signals, then take a break, unwind and find your inspiration again. Sometimes, amid all the pressure of meeting deadlines, we overlook the most essential aspect of our lives – to take care of ourselves. Thus, to keep your creative juices ever-flowing, always remember to go easy on yourself.

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