4 Vehicle Tech Innovations That Will Define Auto Design For Years To Come

Automotive tech patents reached its all-time high at over 25,000 individual applications in 2018, according to the latest data published by IPwatchdog. Springing back from its low recession of 2008, it would seem this unprecedented speed in Autotech development is here to stay.

But which of these tech innovations are going to define modern vehicle design for years to come? Here are 4 vehicle tech innovations that will define auto design for years to come.  

Park-Assist Cameras

Some of the most frustrating fender-benders are the ones that occur at the parking lot. Now, parking assist cameras are becoming more mainstream. The days of blind spots causing drivers grief are finally on their way out. 

The most advanced form of park-assist cameras exists in the form of 360-degree cameras. These devices form a seamless top-down view of the vehicle. They do this by putting together inputs from a system of cameras set up all around the car’s exterior. This offers an unobstructed view of the immediate surroundings of the vehicle, rendering blind spots when parking a non-issue. 

Advanced Driving Assistance 

The biggest advances in driving assistance right now are in radar cruise control and assisted steering. These not only make driving easier but safer too. Radar-based adaptive cruise control automatically adjusts your speed to keep a safe distance between you and vehicles to your front and back. 

Assisted steering is also similar as it uses radar and other sensors to keep your vehicle safely within the lane. It does this by scanning road lines and then making sure you are equidistant from two of them at all times. These two features are some of the most well-developed in modern car tech. If you’re interested in purchasing a new car equipped with these features, check out a reliable car review site to keep posted on which models have them.   

Advanced Vehicle Suspension

The latest innovations in vehicle suspension tech are magnetic adaptive suspension and Multimatic DSSV Suspension. Magnetic adaptive suspension fluid makes use of magnetically sensitive fluid, stimulated by an electric current to the shock absorber’s electromagnet. The fluid then changes in viscosity depending on that magnetic input.

Multimatic DSSV Suspension, on the other hand, requires tuning for different situations. However, it is more reliable than adaptive suspension, which can be prone to sensitivity errors. 

Anti-Roll Bars 

Also known as active sway bars, these innovative handling implements enable heavy vehicles such as SUVs to turn corners with as little body roll as possible. Anti-roll bars gain their anti-roll capabilities thanks to a motor in the center that is connected to each end of the bar. This motor applies torque to whichever end needs it. This stiffens the bar and thus minimizes body roll.

Technology in transportation changes with time and the times we live in now is one to inspire change. With these innovations and more, you can expect the face of automobiles to change drastically in the future. 

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