New Programs Encourage Increased Driver Accountability

Driver Accountability

Every year in the US, more than 30,000 lives are lost on the road, and this number continues to rise. Despite increases in car and road safety, unless drivers take more responsibility for their actions behind the wheel and have a greater appreciation for the damage their vehicle can do, accidents will continue to occur.

When drivers continually fail to drive with due care, local councils and driving organizations are forced to introduce legislation to remind them to take greater responsibility on the roads and penalize them when they don’t.

A program has recently been introduced by the FMCSA that aims to identify high-risk drivers of commercial vehicles and hold them more accountable for their actions. And other legislation is being proposed and introduced throughout the country to deal with all drivers’ accountability on the roads.

Preventative Measures For First-Time Offenders

Although the number of accidents caused by drunk driving has been dropping in Florida, DUI offenses are still a major concern. If they are involved in an accident, it is important for drivers to know what steps to take and to understand the level of their liability.

When a crash is avoided, a new proposal to deal with DUI offenses aims to keep drivers on the road while helping them to become more responsible.  Drivers caught driving under the influence for the first time could receive a less serious charge of reckless driving on the condition that they undertake a program involving community service, complete a substance abuse course, and go sober for a year.

As a result, first-time offenders are given a second chance to become more responsible drivers. The program offers a welcome alternative to a possible six months’ jail time for a DUI offense and could enable drivers who are dependent on being able to drive for work to keep their license.

Repeat Offenders Increasingly Held To Account

In New York, millions of tickets for driving offenses are issued every year, most commonly for speeding. Any driver being caught driving over the speed limit could receive a misdemeanor conviction, a fine of up to $400 and 5 points added to their license.

In theory, although rarely imposed, they could be sent to prison. Despite these penalties, the City Council wants to ensure drivers accept greater responsibility for their driving violations.

The recently signed Reckless Driver Accountability Act is a landmark bill that authorizes the seizure of a driver’s car once they have committed multiple driving violations.


Drivers will only have their vehicles returned once they have completed and passed a driving class. It is hoped that forcing drivers to confront their driving violations in this way will have more of a positive impact on their driving than fines alone.

If road users drive without distraction and within the speed limits, many accidents can be avoided. Unfortunately, without drivers understanding and following basic rules of the road, further legislation is necessary to ensure that they accept greater accountability for their actions. 

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