7 Reasons Why You Need An Exhaust Fan Inside Your Bathroom

Bathroom exhaust fan

First Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan eliminates odors. Many people enjoy having a bathroom exhaust fan for the straightforward reason that it keeps the air in the bathroom circulating. Perhaps having circulating air in the bathroom is not an issue at certain times of the year as in early spring, when all the windows are open and fresh air is flowing through the house.

However, having a way to keep circulating in the bathroom is very important when heat or humidity builds up in the bathroom.

When air does not circulate in the toilet, a massive building odor begins to develop, and one lousy scent builds upon the others. Scent sprays can only deliver so much to cover the disturbing odors, and that is one of the reasons people enjoy the exhaust fan.

Second Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan reduces humidity. Depending upon the area you live, humidity can change throughout the day from a high 90 in the morning to a low 20 in the afternoon. When elevated moisture gets trapped in an already small space, the air can cause a strain to get the air quality needed.

One solution to treating the high humidity is the use of a bathroom exhaust fan. Bathroom walls can get messy, and buildup mildew and moisture in high humidity and later begin to turn black over time. By having a circulating exhaust fan in the bathroom, many of these adverse effects of high moisture can be eliminated.

If nothing is done to reduce this high humidity, it can even cause wooden doors to begin warping, which is more costly to repair than having an exhaust fan installed.

Third Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan reduces airborne contaminants. There are after-effects of cleaning with strong chemicals in the bathroom. Because the bathroom is usually smaller than the other parts of the home, compounds have no place to circulate.

Having an installed exhaust fan can mean having all the circulation needed to rid the air of harmful chemical contaminants. Having toxic chemicals can be detrimental to young children and older individuals who have weaker immune systems.

Fourth Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan eliminates foggy mirrors. When hot water is used while showering, and the heat doesn’t have proper ventilation, it will cause fogginess to form on mirrors and chrome plating in the bathroom walls and mirrors.

Steamed bathroom mirrors create a problem when you need to use the steamed mirrors to see yourself when applying cosmetics to the face. Unable to see yourself clearly can be a problem. Having a bathroom exhaust fan installed will eliminate these foggy mirrors, and the suction of the exhaust will significantly reduce the heat caused by using hot water in the shower or tub.

Also, an installed bathroom exhaust fan will keep the walls from building up unwanted moisture on the wood and tiling in the bathroom, which, if allowed to accumulate over time, will cause damage.

Fifth Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan reduces the buildup of fungus in wet spaces. It is natural for damp areas to create mildew since the fungus can quickly begin to grow on slippery surfaces. Having an exhaust fan in the bathroom will keep rust from beginning to grow in areas that easily collect moisture as cracks in the tile.

Professional residential services like CLF Electrical services North Brisbane have experts that can recommend where the perfect location to install a bathroom exhaust fan.

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Sixth Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan reduces heat from the bathroom. A bathroom can easily create a heated environment, especially if a wall heater and a heated shower are going at one time. With an exhaust fan, heat can be managed more easily, and the reduced damage to materials vulnerable to moisture.

Seventh Reason

A bathroom exhaust fan reduces odors in the toilet area. Odors rising form the toilet are common in a bathroom with little circulation. Sometimes people hang potpourri around the toilet to eliminate unhealthy and toxic smells.

Having an exhaust fan will keep the air circulated evenly throughout the bathroom and stay unwanted odors from collecting over the commode. Those who use the bathroom next will feel welcome and much appreciate the favor of having left on the exhaust fan.

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