10 Content Writing Tools – Ninja Guide To Content Creation

In case you’re using content marketing for your business, but you don’t believe it is useful, you are among the 40% of the brands that find that their content marketing strategies aren’t effective at all. Numerous businesses and companies in the UAE are using content marketing, but they aren’t sure how to implement and track it successfully.

We used to talk with numerous digital marketing companies in Dubai about content marketing and how to implement it successfully to your marketing campaign, and we’ve concluded that you should stop wasting your time and money on content marketing practices that don’t bring results and start focusing your energy as well as your funds on the useful content marketing practices. Here, on this link https://contentmarketinginstitute.com/2015/06/content-creation-writing-tools/, you can see ten content writing tools for creating the best content possible.

How To Know Which Tools To Use?

There are various tools, extensions, and apps that you can use to make your content more engaging for the readers. Perform research to discover which tools could fit your needs the best.

If you have ever talked to any digital agency Dubai about which tools and extensions are the best for creating a perfect content marketing, you’ve probably already aware of how important role they play in content creation. Allow our digital marketing agency Dubai to simplify the entire process of content writing so you can focus on your business goals.

Which Are The Best Tools To Use For Creating Amazing Content?

In this article, we’ll talk more about which tools and extensions digital marketing companies in Dubai would suggest you to use to create fantastic content for your business, and we’ll go through all of them together.

1. ClouldApp Allows You To Create Screenshots, GIFs, And Screencasts

CloudApp allows you to manipulate screenshot videos, images, and GIFs easily. Once you’ve captured the desired media, it’ll be automatically stored on your CloudApp’s server, which means there’s no need for you to move it to your personal storage space.

2. Online Research Organizer With OneTab App

Having multiple opened tabs at once usually happens when you’re looking for social media content you wish to share. You’ve probably realized that having too many opened tabs can affect your computer’s performance significantly. The “OneTab” extension is an excellent solution for this issue.

This is a free Chrome extension that allows you to convert all of the tabs into a single link list which will allow your computer and your bandwidth to work much more comfortable. OneTab allows you to save groups of similar tabs so you could open them quickly as needed.

3. TextExpander Speeds Up Your Writing

TextExpander is available for Windows, MAC, and iOS, and it will match most frequently used words, phrases and sentences to speed up your current typing. In case you type a shortcut, the TextExpander will replace the shortcut with the full text. TextExpander can be used as a free trial or even as a paid version.

4. Locating Files With Alfred Is Fun

In case you are a MAC user (only Macintosh), Alfred is an excellent productivity tool for you. Alfred is packed with numerous features, but it’s incredible for social media marketing as well. Alfred remembers your workflow so it can implement your style of writing or even your style of performing specific tasks within a particular order.

There are various usages for the Alfred tool, and you can choose between the free version and the paid version which offers much more than the free one does.

5. Google Analytics URL Builder Extension For Building UTM Links

These UTM parameters may seem complicated, but they are just lines of code included into the URL, and they allow Google Analytics to track your links for particular pages. Google Analytics URL Builder extension will enable you to manipulate easily and quickly craft UTM URLs for all of your social media posts with no need to leave your page.

6. ProWritingAid Can Significantly Help

This tool allows you to feel more comfortable when writing your articles. The tools will proofread all your writing and suggest edits, flag mistakes, show all grammar mistakes for you to correct, etc. It’s an excellent tool with which you can relax and write your articles much more comfortably.

7. Loom Allows You To Record Videos

The Loom is a free, lightweight, and easy to use tool that allows you to record video tutorials easily. By pressing a few clicks, you can capture your camera, your screen, or even both. Loom also creates an original page for every video which you can then upload to social media with no need to use alternative sources for downloading the video first.

8. Get A Larger Clipboard With Weava

We all know what clipboard is used for, but there are situations when we save something on your clipboard so we can paste it later, but in the meantime, we’ve copied something else to our clipboard and lost the previously copied text.

This happens very often, and Weava is here to help us solve this problem. Weava offers us much more place in the clipboard than there normally is since it keeps track of the history of our clipboard.

9. Google Docs Voice Typing

Google Docs Voice Typing tool is a handy transcription tool built into Google Docs directly, and it’s entirely free to use. You can let it read your entire articles or even write them down from audio to text. You can also talk to your microphone and let the tool type everything you’ve said.

10. CrowdTangle Lets You Know Who Shared Your Content

This Chrome extension allows you to see who shared your published content, and you can also see where they’ve shared your content as well. Whether they’ve shared it on their social media pages or somewhere else, you’ll know everything.

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