WMI Provider Host- The Complete Guide

Windows has been with us for a very long time now. Innumerable people use it. So the problems related to Windows become a necessary attribute in a discussion associated with the operating system. WMI Provider Host is one such thing that is talked about. It stands for Windows Management Instrumentation. WMI Provider Host is quite important for Windows. It basically works in the background and it can be safe to call it the ‘backbone’ of the Windows operating system.

Windows functions run appropriately when the WMI Provider Host runs at the desired speed. It makes sure that all the applications on your system are connected to one another in terms of their information sharing. It passes the information as per the need of the system. Hence it only passes the information when it is being requested for it.

WMI Provider Host

WMI Provider Host is primarily built in the Windows operating system to permit the programs to communicate. Besides data communication, the WMI Provider Host can also help you retrieve information about your system that cannot be made available to you through regular Windows interface.

Taking an example, you can use the command line prompt to get to know your personal computer’s motherboard and the serial number. The health and status of your hard drive can also be known through this method. 

Some Insights of WMI Provider Host

In a healthy computer, WMI Provider Host does not gobble up a lot of space or resources of the system. But it is observed that frequently the WMI consumes a lot of resources which leads to the heating up of the CPU. This way, the system does not perform smoothly. It can also cause the programs to become unresponsive which can be problematic. They might even lag. In case you wish to open up new programs, there will be issues in that too because your system will become too slow to do so.

This might end up irritating the user and be an obstruction for the ongoing work. The occurrence of such a thing can be an indication that something is not healthy in the system and must be examined. In case you are experiencing such issues with WMI, you must resolve them as soon as possible.

Here are a few solutions to overcome this problem. 

The solutions to the problems related to WMI Provider Host:

There are a few steps that can be performed to make the WMI Provider Host work properly.  The first step is the easiest and it solves the problems most of the times. All you have to do is restart your system. Once it is done, you will find that the problem no longer exists.

When you refresh something, a temporary problem is resolved and that is how this works. Now your computer will work efficiently without any sort of lagging. If this works then it means it was just a minor glitch. Your system will start to work as efficiently as it used to work. But just in case that does not happen here is another thing that you can do.

  • Go to the start button and navigate to ‘Run’ to click on it.
  • Hit the button Enter when you see the pop up on your screen.

This way your system will evaluate the problem to work on it. After this, you have to find the WMI Provider Host. That can be done by clicking W and after that, just restart your system. 

Following these steps can help your system to function in the desired manner. It is important to keep your system healthy and keep checking if WMI Host is behaving as it should.

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