What is Google Birthday Surprise Spinner & How to play it?

A Doodle was released by Google that opens up the Google Birthday Surprise Spinner. You can spin it to play the selected game. You can also spin again if you are not interested in the selected game. There are 19 games to play from.

Google has only started celebrating its birthday officially since 2006.  This is why there are only 12 birthday Doodles stored in the archive and not 19. In the early years, there was confusion about Google’s birthday. Even Google did not know its own birthday. The birthdays have been celebrated on September 7th, 8th, 26th, and, most recently, the 27th.

Google Birthday Surprise Spinner

To play all the 19 games one by one, you will have to be patient enough because the spinner will choose a random game for you. This is why you might fall in a loop of spinning. But once you have found the game of your choice, you can save or bookmark the URL to not go through the same trouble again. Read more about Google Birthday Surprise Spinner.

Here is a list of all the Games that you can play.

Solitaire – this is an online version of the classic solitaire

Pac-Man – Google placed this on the list to celebrate its 30th anniversary in the year 2010. So now you can play Pac-man online here! 

DJ like a hip-hop star – This is pretty recent and is on the list to celebrate the birth of hip-hop. This lets you try DJing on a turntable. 

Earth day quiz – This is a cute little quiz that asks you questions to determine which animal you are. It was released in honor of Earth Day. 

Battle against spicy peppers – To celebrate Wilbur Scoville’s 151st birthday, this game, that lets you attack peppers using ice cream, was released. 

Help pangolins find love – Google created this game in which two endangered pangolins find love. The reason behind its release was to highlight the plight of pangolins. 

Hit the piñata – All you have to do is hit a piñata here. This was released to celebrate Google’s 15th birthday. 

Halloween game – This was released to celebrate Halloween, as its name suggests. 

Arpeggios – Developer and musician Yotam Mann created this game in which you can create patterns using arpeggios and teach yourself major and minor chords. 

Celebrate Clara Rockman’s theremin – This is a tutorial in which you use the mouse or your finger to play notes. 

Pony Express – This game is here to celebrate the 155th anniversary of Pony Express.

Explore the Galapagos Islands – It is a Street View imagery to study the land, coast, and sea of the Galápagos islands.

Animal sounds – You will find a row of animals. Clicking on a particular animal will let you hear the animal’s sound. This basically is for kids.

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