Blogging For Business: Why Your Company Needs A Blog

Blogging For Business

Your business has a story to tell. In years past, the best way to tell your story was to advertise. You would have 30 seconds to get your business’s point across on a TV or radio ad.

These days, long-form marketing is a great way to form a cohesive identity for your business to help you connect with the right customer. Which is a blog? 

Where some may think that blogging is for stay at home moms or travelers showing off their exotic destinations, there is more to the story. Blogging for business has a lot of benefits and your company should be taking advantage.

In this article, I will go over the benefits of blogging and how you can implement it for your own company.

You’ll attract leads

Let your potential customers come to you by setting up a blog. Instead of advertising to people that may have no interest in your business, when you set up a blog you are bringing people you already know are interested. After all, they are actively searching for what you do.

With the right content, you can write a blog post that introduces a reader to your company and can get them into the first stage of your funnel. Don’t worry if you are not a good writer or understand how SEO works. There are Content Writing Services that can handle the writing so you can work on other things.

It builds trust

Most people are doing an internet search to look for solutions to a problem. Let’s suppose you have a plumbing company, somebody may be looking for a way to unclog their toilet. If your blog post about “How to unclog a toilet” is helpful to them, then they will trust you for other problems they might have.

If they trust you enough and like the information you provide, they may sign up for a newsletter which then gets them into your sales funnel.

Builds a brand

Having your branding tell your business story is not easy with old advertising methods. These days a blog is a great way to use long-form content to build your brand.

When people can read your blog, they are more able to identify with your brand. When done correctly, they can see their lives improving because of your company. They build a relationship with your brand and then become loyal fans instead of just customers.

Allows you to be creative

There are a lot of different kinds of content that you can use on your blog. From interviews with authorities in your field to video to storytelling. You can find the right type of content that best resonates with your audience.

Some will love to read as much as possible about topics that are dear to them. Others will want to see some irreverent content like videos or funny stories. It all depends on you and your audience. 

You can really get creative with your content and make it interesting and effective.

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