Top 5 Weirdest Game MODS Ever Created [Best Guide]

Game mods are usually designed to enhance the gaming experience and to make you feel better or more powerful while playing the same game. Many mods add new, amazing features that are never going to be officially available in the game. On the other hand, mods can be weird.

There are tons of them that express the weirdest possibilities in the game and they cannot be explained easily. Anyway, we were able to find 5 mods available at Zettamods that is, simply the weirdest of them all. Let’s check them out right now.

5 Weirdest Game MODS

1. Flappy IV

This mode is special and weird. It is developed for GTA IV and it transforms the gameplay completely. In the game, you will see your character as a weird creature who is able to fly all over the city and to kick the people in the face, literally.

The best part is the fact the character is completely changed and now he looks like a bird-look creature. The main concepts of the game are still here but they are completely changed and the game looks completely different. The mod is easy to install and use, but it is remarkable in any way possible.

2. Randy Savage

Randy Savage is a mod for Skyrim and it is weird. There is no simple way we can say this. On the other hand, we have the simplicity of the mod. It is probably one of the simplest mods out there. All it does is replace Alduin with Randy Savage.

This creature is a combination of a dragon and a man and looks scary at first sight. It is still a powerful enemy though. 

3. Kool-aid man

Kool-aid mod is developed for the Left for dead II and it is precise as the name tells you. In the mod, the tank is replaced with Kool-aid Man. It is a powerful zombie that can destroy walls and it is very difficult to kill. The mod does make the game a bit funny to play but at the same time allows you to see something that would never become available in an official game. The game is still scary but funny at some moments. 

4. Altis Life

This particular mod is developed for the game Arma III. The game itself is a military shooter game with advanced controls, over 6000 keyboard inputs and so much more. It is a serious game in one word. Well, with this mod it becomes something completely different.

The mod will make this game RPG. You can play either as a cop or a civilian and your mission will be to catch bad guys or to work and make some profit. Yes, you can also sell drugs as a civilian and try to evade cops.

The mod is extremely complicated to explain so we recommend you to play it for some time first and then try to understand it.

5. Woody

The last mod on our list is one so weird that you will probably install it as soon as you are done reading this. The mod is made for Grand Theft Auto IV and it adds woody in the gameplay. But, the character is different and doesn’t look as sophisticated as the rest of the game. On the other hand, it looks weird and strange.

The entire game is completely changed with this simple mod and you can only imagine the overall effect. The mod can be installed within seconds and it works well with all versions of the game without any issues or complications.


These were the weirdest mods of all time and they are going to stay as weird as possible. They are special as well and not as common as you may think. But, you should give them a try and hopefully understand the goals of the developers and their intentions. Also, you will have plenty of fun using the mods.

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