3 Health Benefits of Cannabis [Best Guide]

Health Benefits of Cannabis

There has been a huge boom in the use of cannabis and its byproducts in the health industry. The legalization of the drug in many states and even in the entirety of Canada signals that the rest of the world will likely eventually follow suit. US presidential hopefuls nod towards cannabis legalization in their campaigns, while even Trump has considered the positive impact on the economy.

But how can CBD oil and other cannabis byproducts actually benefit us, especially when it comes to our health?

Health Benefits of Cannabis

Reduces Pain

The most publicized use of cannabis is through medical marijuana, available through dispensaries and often prescribed by doctors for certain conditions. Indeed, Rick Simpson oil, which is a hyper-concentrated form of crude cannabis oil is used to treat cancer, eliminate pain, and ease the suffering of debilitating diseases through the high range of THC it contains, as Cannigma explains.

While studies have proven that cannabis can in fact aid in long-term discomfort problems, there are far more uses for it than just as a painkiller. Painkillers are a contentious topic, especially in America, so choosing something natural could be considered the better option.    

Alleviates Anxiety

Anxiety is creeping up in our society, with spikes in people experiencing severe to mild anxiety symptoms. While there is a lot to be anxious about – from climate change to potential war – high anxiety is becoming a problem. Cannabis and its byproducts could be used effectively to help curb anxiety and reduce some of the symptoms.

Studies have found that cannabis can help with anxiety – and with depression and stress as well. For acute cases of anxiety, it could be effective, but any underlying causes of the anxiety should also be looked at. With depression and anxiety rates increasing, a new way of looking at them and a natural cure could help to stop the growing epidemic.

Improves Acne

Those suffering from acne and other skin problems know how difficult it can be to find a cure. There is no tried and tested a cure for acne, and people will usually try many different methods before settling on one that suits them. The trial and error nature can be frustrating, expensive, and can be traumatic.

As reported on MedicalNewsToday, CBD oil helps reduce sebum production while also having anti-inflammatory properties, so it may in fact actually help alleviate acne and other skin conditions. Though, as with most skin conditions, it might not suit everyone. The surprising effects of CBD oil here show that more study into its inherent properties could have other effects in areas you wouldn’t expect.   

Cannabis and its byproducts, including CBD oil, have a vast amount of health benefits. The nature of these is only really getting the attention it deserves. As we move forward and our changing views on cannabis are reflected, perhaps people will opt for more health treatments using such methods. The painkiller epidemic in the USA is growing, so opting for more natural cures instead could benefit your health in more ways than one.

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