What are Solar Nails & What to Expect from Solar Nails?

You’re probably familiar with the most recent internet trend, solar nails. Be it Pinterest, Instagram, or YouTube, these nails are everywhere. From beauty bloggers to makeup artists, solar nails have become notorious amidst the social-media community.

BUT, what are they? If we’re putting it into simple words, solar nails are a sort of acrylic nails that are manufactured by Creative Nail Design. Since they are acrylic in nature, they are considered to be far better than regular acrylic nails.

In this article, we’re going to elaborate on what solar nails are and what to expect from them. Should you get them for yourself?

What are Solar Nails?

No occasion is complete without the glimmering acrylic nails on your hands. As mentioned above, these nails are a better form of regular acrylic nails, due to their nature. They resemble the French manicure, and arrive in two colors; pink and white.

They are seamless for weddings, parties, or formal attire. Obviously, you can wear them around the house or on casual occasions as well. These are artificial nails that are embedded onto the hands, giving them an elegant appearance.

Similar to other acrylic nails, solar nails come in various shapes and sizes. However, unlike regular acrylic nails, they provide certain additional welfare, as per French manicure connoisseurs.

Benefits of Solar Nails

Why should you use them? Well, solar nails actually provide many benefits in contrast to regular acrylic nails. It may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s true! 


They are not extensions! Extensions can harm your natural nails, particularly if you wear them for extended periods. In contrast, these nails are actually embedded into your nails. Therefore, they provide an appeal to your natural nails without ruining their integrity.


Unlike regular acrylic nails, you don’t have to go to the salon twice a month to replace solar nails. As such, you don’t have to worry about your nails forming a slit between the acrylic and the nails.

Using solar nails does not entail hectic replacement procedures. Instead, you simply need to refill the nails every 3 weeks. This makes them way more inexpensive to maintain as opposed to regular acrylic nails.


UV rays are potentially destructive for regular acrylic nails as the sun can cause damage to the synthetic nails. Similarly, regular acrylic nails prevent you from getting a sun-bath or going to the tanning salon.

Regular acrylic nails can become yellow in color and lose their gleam when exposed to UV rays. However, you don’t have to be concerned about discoloration when using the solar nails outside.


If you’ve used regular acrylic nails, you’re certainly aware of how fragile they are. Any increase in pressure and they snap! One of the noteworthy facets of these nails is that they are way more durable than regular acrylic nails. With solar nails, you won’t have to worry about spending a ton only for the nails to snap!

What to expect when you get Solar Nails?

If you’re going to get solar nails, you should have an adequate understanding of what you’re doing.

Solar Nails
  • COST:

They are expensive compared to regular acrylic nails; on average, they can cost you between $25 to $35.


They are much thicker than regular acrylic nails; approximately ten times thicker than your natural nails.


You can determine how long you want your nails to be. For this, you will have to inform the manicurist and he/she will cut the plastic tip extension accordingly. If you want to shorten your nails afterward, it is possible but much more exertion will be involved than before.


You will notice that these nails are heavier than your natural nails, due to their thickness.


After your solar nails are done, you will notice residue on your fingers. You can’t remove this with soap or water no matter how much you try. You will have to be patient and remove the residue with water and a pumice stone.


You’re obviously no stranger to this part; with artificial nails, dirt and germs are expected. You should clean your nails with rubbing alcohol and scrub them with a brush when washing your hands. This can prevent fungus between your nails and maintain their appeal.


As time goes by, your natural nails will begin growing out, and you will notice a line between the solar nails and your natural ones. Don’t use a nail clipper to cut them! Instead, you can go to a manicurist and he/she will repair them for you. If it bothers you, you can always apply nail-polish to conceal them.

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