Top 10 imgChili Alternatives For Image Sharing And Editing


If you love images and would like to capture a striking image that you can share with people, then imgChili is exactly what you need. It’s a free platform where you share images regardless of your operating system. You can share images on Linux, macOS, and Windows, among others. With imgChili, you get to upload lots of images quickly. You can then share such images quickly with your friends.

In addition, you get to create folders of various categories so as to differentiate the images category-wise. As such, sharing these images with your friends becomes an effortless affair. One of the most impressive features of imgChili is its top privacy function. 

As you may already be aware, this function makes imgChili among the most secure image sharing platforms. But what if imgChili fails to work and you need an equally good image sharing and editing platform? Here, you’ll need platforms with more or less the same features as imgChili. This article explores ten of imgChili’s alternatives that you can use to effectively and efficiently share images with friends and edit them as well.

Here are Top 10 imgChili Alternatives

1. Imgur

Just like imgChili, Imgur is an image hosting platform providing its users with image editing features at no cost. In addition to the free features, you can opt for the platform’s pro version, a paid membership version of the platform. 

As a user of Imgur, you want to make sure you don’t upload too heavy images on the platform. The platform has a strict restriction policy that allows only images of up to 1MB. If you upload heavy, images of over 1MB, the platform automatically compresses them to 1MB to enable better viewing of your images on the site.

2. UltraIMG

UltraIMG is another great imgChili alternative. The free image hosting platform will allow you to upload images in any format, including JPG, PNG, and GIF, among others. Like imgChilli and Imgur, UltraIMG allows for uploading and sharing of images with your friends at absolutely no cost. 

The only drawback with the platform is that your images have to be 10 MB and less. But then 10MB is a good enough size for images, and therefore it won’t be a drawback at all. This makes the platform one of the best imgChili alternatives.

3. SmugMug

SmugMug is a good alternative to imgChili as it offers a lot of new tools and features. In addition to hosting images, this platform also allows users to host videos. SmugMug takes security very seriously; it gives priority to protection and security. It has been ranked among the safest platforms to host and share your videos and images.

Moreover, the platform boasts of an exotic and user-friendly interface. As a user of the platform, you get unlimited storage space for your videos and images.

4. PhotoFunia

PhotoFunia is yet another image hosting platform that providers its users with features to upload images online and edit them to give them special effects. Another PhotoFunia’s amazing feature is that it gives its users various amazing templates to use.

As a user, all you have to do to use the templates is to add your images on the photo frame, magazine cover, mug, and book pages among others. PhotoFunia has been touted as an amazing alternative to imgChili for you.

5. 500px

500px is a popular online photo selling platform similar to imgChili. It has an interface that many of its users describe as very user-friendly. Each section and category has its own user interface. 500px allows users to buy and sell their images. Moreover, they can also share images and photos with their friends. As a user on this platform, you get to create your own personal album.

6. Pixlr

This online image editing platform is popular among image lovers. Pixlr offers its users options such as editing, organizing photos, and sharing images with friends. The platform comes in two versions namely Pixlr Express and Pixlr Editor. Pixlr Express has advanced editing tools that allow users to add effects, style, and borders, among others.

7. Shutterfly

Shutterfly has been described by its users as an excellent platform for images. It has many similarities to imgChili and offers the same experience and interface as other popular platforms. Shutterfly users get to organize and personalize their files on the platform. As a user on Shutterfly, you get to create greeting cards using the platform’s advanced tools. You can then share such cards and images with your family and friends. Shutterfly can be a very good alternative to imgChili.

8. Smilebox

Smilebox is similar to imgChili in many ways. It provides its users with lots of editing customization, which they can use to edit cards and photos. Like Shutterfly, Smilebox offers its users tools to make cards and edit photos online. Such users can then share the cards and photos with their friends.

For example, as a Smilebox user, you can design greeting cards for special events and share them with your family and friends. This can be a great tool to keep friendships and families, and indeed a good imgChili alternative.

9. ImageShack

ImageShack is an online platform that allows its users to host images and share them with friends and family, just like imgChilli. In addition, the platform allows you to upload the entire album, which you can then share with others. With ImageShack, you can edit your photos before you share them.

10. Photobucket

Like imgChili, you can also host and share your photos on Photobucket. You can also alter such photos. You can upload your photos on the platform, edit them, and include impacts. Even you can then share them with family and friends on the web.

Final Thoughts

Your life doesn’t have to stop when your imgChili isn’t working. The above are just ten of the alternatives you can go for. As you may have probably noticed, they all have great image sharing and editing features. Some go as far as allowing the same for videos. You can choose any of them depending on which one best serves your needs.

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