The Unexpected Joys of Living in a Studio Apartment

Most of us subscribe to the idea that bigger is better, especially when applied to real estate. Who wouldn’t want a grand house with many rooms and acres of space? With soaring property prices, it seems the dream of my mansion will firmly remain a dream.

After spending some time in a tiny rented studio apartment, I have realized that I’m ok with my dreams to stay as dreams when it comes to big property.

Living in a small space has taught me a lot about living and life itself. Most of my furniture is bedroom furniture, and I rarely have friends over or entertain, but I am more active, and II see my friends and family more than I used to. Here is something I have learned while living in a studio apartment.

You’ll save time and money

Before I moved into my apartment, I shared a 4-bedroom house with my partner. Cleaning was a herculean task that would have to be done at least once a week to keep both our neat inner freaks satisfied. The tools required for the job almost took up half our laundry cupboard space too. In my studio, cleaning the place from top to bottom takes about 20 minutes, and all of my tools fit in a bucket. 

Our previous house had a very powerful healing and cooling unit, and it needed one. To keep such a large structure to the desired temperature took a lot of energy and this translated to a very rude shock when we received our energy bill. My new apartment stays at a pleasant temperature most of the time and if I need to change it, a quick blast of the heater or AC and it’s at a temperature I like, without paying half my weekly wage in power bills.

Studio apartments are built in central locations, meaning you can leave the car at home and walk wherever you need to go. Despite their handy locations, studios are usually much cheaper than any other type of property. 

You will learn to minimize

Without space to keep many possessions, I have learned to keep what I need and let go of the rest. My studio apartment is the epitome of function and comfort, with everything I need and nothing I don’t. I find bedroom furniture to be the perfect compromise when selecting furniture as it can play dual roles. Bedroom storage or bedroom drawers hold not only my clothes but clothes pegs, a toolbox and other bits I might need. 

Because your entertaining options are limited in a studio apartment, you might find yourself reconnecting with old friends and generally spending more time in other people’s homes. I craved the wide-open spaces of my city after moving into my studio, and I find myself to be more active and explorative as a result.

They are perfect for learning the ropes of being an adult

I have lived through my share of nightmarish share houses, but I have also lived in my share of nice private homes. Because a studio is so small and inexpensive, a first-time renter can learn the ropes of living independently without everything becoming too much. With only one space to keep tidy and no back yard or outdoor space to maintain, a studio apartment is the perfect teaching tool.

Downsizing to save money or position yourself more conveniently is becoming more and more popular, but a studio apartment offers so much more than that. If you are open and reactive to the idea of downsizing into a smaller place, it can change your life for the better.

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