Stand Out The Market By Creating A Unique Law Firm Marketing Strategy

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

In the past, the marketing of your law firm used to be a lot easier. Prop up a couple of billboards here, distribute a few flyers there, and feature in a charismatic TV commercial. At the same time, word-of-mouth promotion did an excellent job of marketing your services. 

However, the internet and digital technologies have emerged as a game-changer in something that was once so simplistic. While marketing law firms may appear like an alien topic, it does have its fair share of advantages. For instance, you reach out to a wider customer base and attract a constant stream of clients. So why not give it a fair shot?

Marketing strategies that will make your law firm stand out!

1. Build a Brand

The first stage of a law firm marketing plan involves establishing a brand. In the digital domain, branding transcends fancy visiting cards and expensive letterheads. It is about conveying the mission, vision, and goal of your law firm.

Take the time to identify the USP of your law firm and its value proposition. Elaborate on this message and highlight what differentiates your organization from your competitors. Focus on the needs of your clients and mold your brand around it. If you haven’t done it already, create an interesting logo and a captivating tagline.

You need to establish trust between you and your clients, and having a brand presence will help you build that.

2. Demonstrate Your Credibility and Authority

An effective law firm marketing strategy involves a mix of an active and passive approach.

Passive marketing deals with asserting your domain expertise, authority, and credibility that you already possess. You can build up a foundation by citing your qualifications, awards, associations, case studies, and reviews from the clients.

On the other hand, active marketing disseminates information on the services that you provide. Furthermore, it also focuses on expanding these capabilities and accruing credibility. For instance, you could conduct a workshop to train fresh law graduates or analyze a recently concluded case. 

Both active and passive marketing will recognize your career milestones while also outlining the future roadmap.

3. Run SEO Campaigns

93% of users turn to the search engine before making a decision on a product or service. Hence, it is imperative to get your law firm on the search engine result page for greater visibility. 

And how does one achieve that? The answer is simple – Search Engine Optimization.

Good SEO practices can put your law firm on the digital map. So start by having a well-planned website architecture. Ensure that it loads up quickly. Further, host evergreen and informational content and blog posts that will keep the visitors engaged.

Law Firm Marketing Strategy

At the same time, conduct keyword research and organically stuff them in your landing pages, blog posts, video descriptions, and web content. Don’t forget to optimize your website and all its contents for your mobile users. In fact, follow a mobile-first approach to get more clients!

Finally, make it a point to conduct local SEO and update and optimize your Google My Business profile.

4. Get into Video Marketing

Audiences have a greater preference for video content, so how about you give them what they want?

Videos are an effective way to disseminate information, capture the audience’s attention, build trust, and land better conversions. You can use videos in multiple ways ranging from law firm introduction videos to client reviews and testimonials.

While high-quality videos must be your priority, you do not have to invest large sums into creating these videos. Choose one free photo slideshow maker with music to get started. You can begin with smaller projects like case studies and analysis before you move onto something more complicated such as a live Q&A session.

5. Leverage Social Media Marketing

Does your law firm have to establish a social media presence?


If you think it is silly to get on platforms populated by a young crowd, then consider this – The youth of today will be your clients tomorrow. Not just that, apart from Millennials, Gen Xers also rely on social media platforms while seeking professional services.

Hence, you need to have official social media handles for your law firm from Facebook to LinkedIn, and everything in between! It allows you to connect with your target audience and vice versa.

6. Issue Newsletters

Encourage your website visitors to sign up for your law firm’s newsletter. Incentivize their voluntary initiative by sharing relevant news, articles, and updates that add value to their inbox. You can use newsletters to indicate your activeness within the legal community and your capacity to generate valuable content in your area of expertise.

Regular updates through newsletters allow you to stay on top of your client’s mind, exhibit your authority in the legal domain, and share informative content.

7. Build a Referral Program

Referrals are the oldest trick in the lead generation book. Given that referral programs have continued to stay relevant and effective, you can have a referral marketing strategy that allows you to capture the low hanging fruit. However, the key to having an effective referral program is to follow a proactive approach.

Start by identifying your various sources for referrals and build a mailing list database containing their information. Then, draft a template letter introducing your law firm and explain the benefits of the referral system that you propose.

Issue these emails to all the contacts in your mailing list. Assign an individual to follow up on these leads. Finally, extend your thanks to every referral source and update them on how your experience with the referral paned out.

In Conclusion

Effective marketing of your law firm can fetch you the desired results – you will become a household name, you can gain an edge over your competitors, and enjoy a larger clientele. Finally, remember that while a marketing strategy may work in the present time, it may lose its efficacy in due time. So make it a habit to review and measure the performance of these marketing campaigns.

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