How Vaping Affects Your Exercise? [Best Informative Guide]

Stereotypically, people who smoke (and, now, vape, as a new trend), are not seen as good sportsmen. The fact is in the correlation between the label of “vicious habit” on smoking and vaping and “healthy lifestyle” on taking sports. The question is why this stereotype is so deeply rooted in social conscience and is vaping, for sure, an obstacle to exercising.

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The answer to the question needs deep dive into the topic of vaping, its influences on people’s health, social advertising and official position of the government on the problem, the scale of distribution of this habit, and the impact of the factors above on the human’s abilities to take sports.


The first reason for negative attitudes to vaping is its similarity to smoking. On the contrary, other people feel that vaping is a safe alternative to smoking and that is why they are ok with it. Therefore, the attitude towards vaping and exercising is dual, depending on the people’s beliefs about the correlation between smoking and vaping.

To begin with, vaping to some extent is healthier than smoking. On the other hand, it might contain some harmful elements, which are not observed in the smoking process. Most e liquids for usual vape pens contain propylene glycol or similar substances, which primarily increase a problem of sore throat in comparison to the time you have not been vaping. In case you consume e liquids with nicotine, be ready to face headaches, dizziness, or dry mouth.

Therefore, the similarities between the effects of smoking and vaping depend not on the type of activity, but on the filling of your vaporizer pen


Being a sportsperson, you have to be healthy. However, it is undecided what to count as “healthy”. Breathing is of extra importance for any kind of sport. Therefore, the first effect that needs scrutinizing is the effect of vapor on the respiratory system.

VAPING AND LUNGS. The ability to exercise is related to lung capacity. Doctors prove that vaping oils might fill your lungs and create substances similar to bacon grease in your lungs. Everyday vaping even if you use the best vape pen might increase the proclivity for bronchitis, popcorn lungs, asthma, etc.

The second super important for a sportsperson system is cardiovascular as the heart is known as a human’s engine. Therefore, if there are some problems with the engine, the machine will not work.

VAPING AND BLOOD. Vapour can constrict vessels up to thirty percent. That means that the blood cannot transport oxygen (vaping decreases the amount of oxygen in the body for 20%) and elements needed for the proper work of the body quickly. This might also put a start for blood clotting and other problems with the circulation of blood.

VAPING AND HEART. Vaping, especially if we say about vapor pen containing nicotine increases the heart rate. If the increased heart rate is combined with exercising, it goes up even more. It becomes more and more difficult for the heart to keep your body working. When you vape and the arteries are narrowed makes it more difficult for a person to exercise. Without oxygen supply, muscles are unable to work well.


The studies about the correlation between exercising and vaping are rather new and we do not have enough scope of data to make concrete conclusions. The problem here lies in the fact that vape pens are comparatively new devices and vaping as a hobby is rather a new phenomenon.

Some of the conclusions about the impairment of physical activity after vaping might be done on evidence received after vaping particular substances. On the other hand, such factors as sex, age, race, etc should be also taken into consideration. Physical effects of vaping vary. For instance, vaping cannabis might increase women’s libido and result in the increased activity of the organism. At the same time, for a long time, it was considered that vaping cannabis is the way to relax and lessen anxiety, which is also true to some extent.

To sum up, as there is no conclusive evidence to claim that vaping is either better, or worse than smoking, we can only claim that vaping has certain negative effects on the efficiency of exercising, thus it is better to give up both smoking and vaping if you want to achieve great results in sports.

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