How to Write a Stellar Essay Without Stress [Best Guide]

Educational activities at the university are one of the most intellectually and emotionally intense types of activity. Higher education is stressful for most students. From the very beginning of educational activity, stress to one degree or another constantly haunts the student and is the cause of violations of the behavioral, emotional, cognitive, motivational areas of activity.

According to the World Health Organization, about 45% of all diseases arise from stressful situations. Thus, for example, stress negatively affects the nervous, immune, cardiovascular system of students and the overall emotional state.

Where to find help?

Some students who care about their health turn to specialists for help, for example, when they need to write an essay, course or diploma work, create a presentation, do a test work, etc. And this is a very right decision because it helps to save time, health and get a stellar paper without stress.

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Recommendations for writing a stellar essay without stress

If you are still confident in yourself, in your knowledge, you have enough time, you can write an essay without any help. So that the writing process will not be so stressful, we will give you some recommendations.

Topic selection 

When writing an essay, one of the most important factors is the right choice of topic:

  • The theme should be interesting. It will be much easier for you to study dozens of scientific sources on a topic that is of interest to you. In the process of studying your own thoughts will be formed, in the writing process it will be easier to express these thoughts;
  • Your theme should be understandable. It is very difficult to write about 10-15 pages about what you do not understand;
  • The theme should be not too broad and not too narrow. In the first case, you run the risk of getting too much information that needs to be studied and described, and it will take too much time. In the second case, there may not be enough scientific sources from which to draw information.

Correct time allocation

Many students make the mistake of postponing essay writing to the last moment. First of all, the quality of the finished material suffers from this. It takes a long time to study the literature and present the study. In addition, the supervisor can repeatedly return the text for revision. Therefore, the best solution is to get down to work immediately after receiving the topic.

Drawing up the right structure

An essay does not have a clear structure, but an outline usually includes:

  • Introduction. This part should set the emotional mood, bring the reader to the issue under consideration;
  • The main part. At this stage, the author puts forward theses, finds justifications, thereby proving his own point of view;
  • Conclusion. Summing up what has been said in the main part, the author makes a general conclusion. If the purpose of the introduction is to interest the reader, then the conclusion should give integrity to the overall picture, encourage reflection or, conversely, leave no doubt about the legitimacy or viability of the ideas expressed by the author.

Search for information sources

After the formation of the basic structure, a detailed study of the scientific literature on the chosen topic can begin. It’s best to start with study guides, as they contain easy-to-read text that helps you build a general idea of your chosen area of study. Next, you need to study scientific articles, copyright monographs, and dissertations on your subject. You should choose the newest sources of information, which will contain the most relevant information.

The process of writing

Once you have determined the structure and selected scientific literature, you can safely start writing. Feel free to consult with the teacher, show him draft versions of an essay. This will not only help you avoid mistakes in your work but will also form an opinion of you as a diligent, responsible student.

Proper essay design

In order to avoid the need to repeatedly correct the essay, you should carefully study the requirements set out in the guidelines and carefully follow them.

We hope these simple recommendations will help you to write a stellar essay without stress. But if you need any help, you can get it on our website.

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