Does Bank of America have Notary Service Available? [2020]

The answer to that question is yes. The Bank of America does provide the notary service to its customers, free of charge! Notaries are usually not available everywhere, so before you go to procure the same make sure that you inquire in your branch.

bank of america notary

Bank of America notary services are only available at select locations though, only to customers, and only to those with an appointment. Such services are generally made available on regular bank’s working hours and days. Also, to get a document notarized, you will require at least one government authenticated and issued photo ID.

Some essential points about the Notary Service of the Bank of America:-

  • It is free of charge for its customers.
  • The bank of America doesn’t provide this service to non-customers.
  • An appointment is a must.
  • The bank of America notarizes forms and documents required to close loans & forms necessary for investment and wealth management services. 

It is also paramount to note that the Bank of America does not notarize the following:-

  • Erroneous government documents.
  • Documents with blank spaces which can be misused for a fraudulent activity later.
  • Government forms with pre-printed wording that doesn’t adhere to the guidelines.

This service fluctuates based on the locations as at some places such a service might not be made available to you. Also, it could hamper your work if it is urgent in nature for notarizing calls for pure authentication and ID proof. Also, just about every bank has a notary public there. Many of them only serve their customers though. 

The banks are supposed to have a team of licensed staff who would perform the task of notarizing documents when they sell certain products to customers.  By rule, the Bank of America will always have at least one staff ready to notarize your documents and you can avail the service free of charge. Such a service like a notary service is needed for certain financial transactions. Adding on, it comes free of charge to all its customers or clients which makes is very feasible. Below is the example of notary!

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Though not every bank provides this service, also many branches of the Bank of America may fail to provide its clients with service, it is still readily available. 

On the contrary, there exist few banks which provide notary service to its clients as well as to non-customers! However, the bank of America does not.


Bank of America provides notary public services only to its customers, free of charge. Since notaries are not available in every location, you need to call your nearest branch to inquire if they have a notary on site. If you don’t have an account at Bank of America, don’t worry. There are plenty of other banks that offer notary services (just like it’s mentioned above) — some even to non-account holders.

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