7 Essential Plumbing Tips Everyone Needs to Know

plumbing tips

Are you willing to know the very basic plumbing issues that occur quite often in our day to day life? Well, you can even save a decent amount of money if you know how to solve the minor plumbing issues without seeking assistance from the plumbing experts each time.

As per Forbes.com every year a significant amount of money is spent on home maintenance and plumbing often ranks number one on the list of expenses. Here are some essential plumbing tips that every homeowner should know to avoid the most common problems in the house.

Always inspect for leaks

Being a homeowner, you should always check for the leaks in water pipes, valves, and taps. If you find any leaks, even a very small one then just reseal it with plumbing tapes in order to fix the issue. The tiny drip-drip can cause a big problem for you if not fixed on time.

Make the Teflon tapes handy

Get the Teflon tapes ready, so that if needed, you can make use of it to prevent any leaks. The Teflon tapes are used to reseal the leaks in water pipes or joints. Always remember to use white Teflon tapes for household plumbing issues and not the yellow one. The yellow one is for the gas line connections.

Don’t flush everything in the toilet

Always keep it in mind that your toilet is not a trash can. Therefore, make you and your family members a little sincere in flushing something in the toilet. The toilet papers are okay but don’t flush everything in the toilet to avoid nasty clogs.

Don’t cast trashes in the kitchen sink

Garbage like food debris, tea bags, and vegetable peelings can block the water pipes and kitchen drains. Therefore, always make use of dustbins for the kitchen garbage instead of using the kitchen sink for the same.

Get a high-quality plunger

Get a high-quality plunger ready for your household plumbing works. Plunger is an essential thing that helps in cleaning the blockage in toilets, kitchen sinks, and drains. You can easily clear the clogs by pushing them using a plunger. However, if the problem is serious then you should contact a plumber Auckland.

Use a vacuum cleaner if needed

Sometimes plunger may not help a lot in cleaning the clogs if any hard object like a toothbrush is stuck in the middle of the water pipes. In this type of scenario, it is better to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a plunger. The vacuum cleaner can suck the item from the clogged water pipe rather than pushing it deeper.

Never over-tighten the joints

Never over-tighten the joints or connections of the waterways. It can be very problematic and may even break the joint bolts and screws. Therefore, never over-tighten the joints; instead, remember the proverb; “Hand-tight is just right”.


The above-mentioned tips are not the only tips that may help you steer clear of the common plumbing issues. There can be several other tips as well. But here, we have mentioned the most essential tips that can really help you get rid of household plumbing issues that happen due to lack of information and common sense.

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