5 Technologies Impacting Our Everyday Life

There is no doubt that technology is all around us. As the world of technology continues to expand, so does our dependence on it. You may not even be aware of the different types of technology you use in your day-to-day life to accomplish tasks that fill your day. Technology goes far beyond the office and lives in our homes as well.


Take a look around you and if you see anything that uses electricity, the internet or is a tool used for computing data, then you have the technology already in your life. Here is a look at the 5 different ways that technology impacts our daily lives.

1. Technology In Business

This is a no-brainer. The business world has advanced considerably with technology using automation or artificial intelligence as a cost-saving measure. Technology in the form of robotics has revolutionized the automobile industry as well as any other form of mass production.

Information systems permit retail businesses to track inventory and automatically order items when stock is low. Technology also tracks worker movements and monitors when they arrive to or leave from work for more accurate billing and invoicing.

To provide faster service at a reduced cost, businesses require technology. It is an important cost-effective business partner.

2. Technology In Communication

Communication has come a long way since smoke signals and the pony express thanks to technology. Letters in the form of email provide instant and immediate communication where writing a letter by hand and sending it through the postal service would take days and weeks.

Fax machines also delivered fast direct communication and are still used to date in many different forms. Video conferencing has changed how business meetings are conducted with members joining in from locations all over the globe for a single meeting.

Connecting with others personally or on a business level, technology has removed many barriers. It has also made the world a much smaller place to do business with instant communication.

3. Technology In Human Relations

With the demands we face daily, relationships with other humans can fall apart. Thanks to technology, we can make new friends regularly using one of many different forms of social media. For a long-lasting relationship, technology has filled that void with dating apps and platforms where we can input information and hope to find a match that can eliminate a lot of time spent dating casually and invested in trying to connect on a human and personal level. Technology has made finding that special someone a lot easier.

Our personal lives have been forever changed thanks to technology. Finding a friend or suitable mate is not only easier but possible with participants in the far corners of the world.

4. Technology In Education

Thanks to the internet, you can browse through thousands of online courses and learn from the comfort of your home. There are several different apps available where you can learn a new skill or language. Paper is no longer a requirement for note-taking, either. Digital voice recorders can be used to record lessons and then downloaded into a computer where it can be translated into text in a word file. Or you can take notes on a tablet or electronic whiteboard that keeps your notes downloaded into a file on your hard drive.

Technology has become a full-time partner in the delivery of learning and educational tools. It has resulted in making education far easier to participate in than ever before.

5. Technology In Purchasing

One of the most amazing innovations in purchasing from technology is the creation of the smart chip. This has reduced credit card fraud and reduced the amount of paper used in both invoicing and all other forms of purchasing.

Where tech in purchasing has truly become a game-changer is with eCommerce and all other forms of online payments. Smart chip technology keeps payment activity secure and has led to the development of many effective online payment platforms including PayPal and Google Payment solutions. 

Although any type of online activity can still be hacked in one way or another, technology has provided extra layers of protection to purchase items via the internet.

Other Ways Technology Has Become Part of Our Daily Lives

We cannot ignore the fact that technology also plays a big role in the agriculture industry. Where it has been proven to be most effective is in the automation sector where machines have replaced humans. A simple example of this would be automatic milking machines.

The use of technology in agriculture has provided many farmers with a measurable profit where farming was unprofitable before. Plowing fields, planting crops and harvesting those crops has become faster and more efficient with technology that began with farm vehicles replacing animals.

According to Healthcare Weekly, it has also played a big part in the healthcare industry. Hospitals, emergency wards and more have benefited from technology. Drug development and testing once took weeks and months but with technology, trails and results can be developed in just days.

Technology has also brought doctors and patients together through telemedicine which has improved service, increased overall doctor efficiency and has given patients in remote areas or are unable to travel access to quality healthcare service. 

In Conclusion

From AI in healthcare (super in-depth guide here!) to smartphones, technology continues to have an impact on our everyday lives by providing the promise of completing tasks quicker and better at a lower cost than they can be accomplished with any other means. This translates to savings, less labor and the potential of greater profits from any size business or operation.

It also means that technology is not going to suddenly stop or go away because of something better coming along. We have to accept that the current path of progress is going to continue and that there will be more technology to come.

When you consider how we did things a century ago, society has made giant leaps in the world of progress. Technology has improved how we do things, how we make things and how we communicate with each other.

Changes keep happening and we are already far beyond where we were just five years ago with the advancements of technology. Imagine where we will be in the next five years.

Current generations have no idea what life was like without technology and it won’t be long before the days before computers, smart chip technology, and digital cameras will be nothing more than a memory shared in a hologram.

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