4 Alternative Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

The best option to deal with sleep apnea is to go to a sleep clinic. However, if you wanted to try some alternative solutions, below are some of your options.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Weight Management Program

This is most appropriate for people who are overweight. According to https://lowtcenter.com/sleep-apnea-test/sleep-apnea-test-chattanooga/, people who are overweight often have sleep apnea so dealing with the extra weight could have a significant effect on this sleep disorder. It could not only improve the condition, but it could possibly eliminate it for good. Though it seems easy to lose weight on your own it is best done with the aid of a professional. 

An individual has to be assessed first if he or she is physically ready to engage in a weight management program. If the cause of the sleep apnea is due to a blockage from extra tissue in the throat due to obesity, this weight management could help.

There is no need for drastic weight loss, you could start with at least 10% of your current body weight. This will lead to some easy to obtain results. Patients would feel even better in dropping more pounds.  Stay encouraged and focused. It is okay if you have a bad day, start over the next but don’t give up.

Positional Therapy

People who sleep on their backs often experience sleep apnea. Thus, changing sleep position would definitely help. One could try sleeping on their stomach or their side. There are devices that could be attached at the back to prevent a person from lying down when asleep.

This is behavioral therapy and if it works, you now have a lifetime solution to the problem. In time, you don’t need the device on your back since you will get used to sleeping on your side or stomach.

Oral Appliances

Another effective alternative treatment is the use of oral/dental appliances. People who intend to go for this option should consult the services of a qualified dentist with the recommendation of a sleep therapist. Since everyone is unique the design of this device is often custom made.

This oral device is effective since it keeps the airway open when your sleeping. It prevents any blockage of airflow which results in normal breathing. There are already several studies that proved that dental appliances are effective and have significant effects on a patient’s sleep apnea.

One of the reasons why a lot of patients, want to try this option is because it’s cost-effective. Additionally, it is usually covered by medical insurance.

Change in Lifestyle

If you are serious about improving sleep apnea condition, a good way to start is a change in lifestyle. There is a big chance that you are experiencing this sleep disorder due to your lifestyle. For example, it’s possible to gain extra weight due to a sedentary lifestyle. Aside from this, drinking too much alcohol and smoking could lead to different health issues including sleep apnea. Quitting these unhealthy practices could make a difference.

Aside from the usual medical treatment for sleep apnea, there are alternatives that could also be effective. If you have already tried these and nothing works, it is best to consider professional health care. Go to the nearest sleep clinic now. Do not wait for your condition to worsen before you seek professional help.

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