What Politicians Can Learn From Professional Gamblers

Politicians have not had it good in recent times. They are prone to make just as many mistakes in their job as everyone else in the world.

But interestingly, there are a lot of skills in the gambling industry than can transfer to politics and help to improve things.

Considering the nature of this sector, it may not be that obvious to see how they can be used – and that’s what we will discuss.

Here is what politicians can learn from professional gamblers.

Time Management

Just as how a professional gambler needs to know when to enter a game, politicians must know when they need to make a statement on a certain topic.

In politics, timing is critical. Too early and people may miss your point and forget about it. Too late though and you could be seen as just jumping on the bandwagon or you don’t think it’s that important.

Time management is important to gamblers too, especially in poker where game selection is a big deal. Playing too early and the mindset and preparation may not be right. Playing too late though could mean you miss out on playing with recreational.

Strong Memory

Oh, how there are plenty of politicians that could learn this skill from professional gamblers. 

In the gambling industry, having a strong memory is vital. For example, in blackjack, knowing what cards have been dealt and burned improves the chances of knowing what cards are more likely to come next. In poker, players must remember how their opponents played certain hands previously so they can make better, informed decisions in the next.

Politicians also require a strong memory – how many times have you heard someone talk about how they are for or against a certain topic, but then a few weeks or months later, they say the complete opposite? 

How can you expect to trust a politician to do better for your country if they can’t remember their own policies?

Therefore, politicians must remember their stance so they can stick to it down the line. Sure, it’s ok to change your mind – circumstances can change to make an opinion change – but even in this situation, they need to recognise their previous stance.


This is a big one and something Lucian Marinescu, partner at OnlineCasinoGems, has a lot to say about:

“In gambling, people playing some of the best slot machines or at their favorite game may not have the patience to stick it out and will get all their money as quickly as possible. This leads to them wagering far more money than they should be at that game, eventually losing it all. Professional gamblers don’t fall into this trap though. Through bankroll management, they know how much to be betting at all times, meaning that they will never go broke.”

Politicians can learn from professional gamblers in this regard. They can be quick to jump in on the latest trend or bash the opposition as soon as they get the chance, but in reality, all they are doing is showing that all they care about is point-scoring, rather than actually caring about the topic itself.

Being Comfortable During Adversity

When things aren’t going right for a professional gambler, they stay cool, calm and collected, even when they’ve had the big wins but the money is no longer flowing in their direction as much. 

They understand the importance of staying comfortable during adversity. For example, in poker, there can be situations where thousands of dollars are on the line – and it only takes one card to change the entire course of the hand. 

Bad beats occur in gambling. The pros know this so they can just brush it off and move on.

Politicians can learn from this lesson. There may be times during office that something comes up that affects their image or an uncomfortable question is raised during a press conference.

It’s during these situations that the best candidates rise to the challenge. They don’t let things bother them and they can just brush them off like they were nothing. 

A statement may be required but that’s as far as it’ll let it get to them. Being in the public eye all the time comes with lots of unique challenges and problems, but it’s how they are dealt with that separates the regular politicians from the great ones.


This follows on nicely from the previous point. Professional gamblers dedicate their time and effort to the cause. They spend a lot of their time studying the game and their previous performances so that if a similar situation occurs again, they are prepared and can deal with it.

In politics, dedication is important to voters. Once they start campaigning for or against a topic, people want to be sure that they mean it. It’s no good saying all these things that people want to hear, but then ignoring it once you have them onside.

Politicians that aren’t dedicated to improving the lives of their own and others’ communities need to take a long, hard look at themselves – something a professional gambler is more than capable of doing.

How To Solve A Problem

Professional gamblers want to solve the game they play in. If it’s a casino game, they need to find a way to reduce the house edge as much as they can to give them a better chance of winning. In poker, it’s about learning how certain hands should be played.

But the main difference between the pros and the casual players is that instead of complaining about the problems they face, the pros are looking for solutions.

Politicians can learn from professional gamblers in this instance. Many like to blame the opposition for something they’ve done that they don’t agree with but don’t actually show how or what they would have done differently. 

What they need to be doing, instead, is providing solutions. This way, everyone benefits; the public as their problems are solved; and the politicians as they gain credibility with voters.

This is the mentality that should be required when going into politics, just how it is in the gambling industry.

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