Safe Use Of CBD Oil For Horses

CBD oil is quickly becoming a staple in the horse stables as a method for helping relieve symptoms of specific conditions. The clinical studies are directed towards humans at this point with merely a few for animals, but these have only been done sparsely and on dogs, none reportedly on horses. 

Successes noted with the substance and equine are anecdotal based on stories from equestrians and vet reports. There are, however, a multitude of products specifically created for the species, including liniments, pellets, and oil tinctures, which you can find online with sites like It’s wise to consult with the vet for the safest method for providing the drug if you’re unclear how to do so, for the safety of the animal.

Safe Use Of CBD Oil For Horses

When incorporating CBD oil for your equine, it’s vital to understand the correct method for the administration to protect the animal from harm. The substance offers properties consistent with relieving symptoms from various conditions making it an important part of your horse’s daily wellness routine. The following guidelines will ensure such.

  • Glass Dropper For Dosing: CBD oils and tinctures of varying kinds will come packaged in bottles with droppers for administration. These are made of glass and typically are an excellent resource for domestic companions such as kitty, but for a horse, there would be construed as a hazard. 

There is a significant risk for the piece to be shattered by the animal’s teeth causing glass shards to initiate a choking reaction. The suggestion is to instead use a plastic oral syringe for administration. 

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  • Quality Products : Your horse is a special member of your family and introducing these products into the animal’s daily regimen is something for which you should take careful consideration. You need to be exceptionally selective about your options making a point to pay attention to the ingredients and research the brand. 

You want to make sure that the manufacturer is trustworthy and reliable if you’re basing your horses’ wellness on the substance. Sadly, there are many products surging the market that are subpar consisting of harmful additives and contaminants.  

You should ensure that the products you buy are specifically designed for horses. These take into consideration the animal’s sensitive digestive system. The packaging label will indicate CBD potency, dosage directives, and details on ingredients. You want a pure oil minus flavor, artificial additives, or coloring, non-GMO, and if possible, 100% organic hemp

There needs to be outside third-party lab testing of the substance. These tests are not done by the manufacturer but by a reputable outside facility not associated in order that the results are not tainted. This is how the ingredients are determined, including the level of CBD, THC, and any additives.

A Certificate of Analysis will indicate whether the product passes or fails in order for a manufacturer to market the products. A reputable brand will post the results publicly for transparency. If there is none, ask to see it. Without this, you might want to avoid these compounds.

Before you decide to initiate CBD oil as a method of reducing symptoms your horse might be having related to a specific condition, the vet should do a thorough examination of the equine. 

Veterinarians need to determine if any medications the animal is on might interact with the substance or if the pony has an underlying health ailment for which the compound may interfere. 

The medical provider is an ideal source for recommending quality products, suggesting methods for administering CBD to your equine, and helping determine the adequate dosage. A doctor is also important for monitoring the animal’s health, not only while on the compound but throughout each stage of its life.

Final Thought

A horse is a faithful companion for the equestrian and vice versa. The bond they share is strong and unlike another. Caring for the animal is a priority. Ensuring only the optimum in products are acquired is crucial. 

Cannabidiol notes to be a favored substance for the horse community for the properties it boasts. None have compared to its natural, nontoxic, non-intoxicating formula without reported side effects. 

Anecdotally speaking, stories suggest, CBD oil can potentially offer good care for your hooved friend, minimizing physical impairments, aiding with behavioral issues, and calming instances of stress and anxiety. 

We can’t call it a cure.  It’s not a cure. But it boasts to be especially useful for this majestic creature.

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